Beach Rocks Photos ...
to Inspire you

Here’s a collection of beach rocks photos I’ve taken to give you some inspiration. You could use them to generate ideas for your arts and crafts projects or for your creative writing projects. Get inspired by them to write poems and stories, make jewelry and art gifts for your friends. Pay special attention to combination of colors in nature’s palette. Look for patterns and unusual natural shapes. Feel the mood these beach stones create. Keep an eye for some out of the box design ideas. Answer the question: “If I owned all beach stones in the photos below what would I do with them?” Note down at least 3 things (uses) for the beach rocks in each photograph.

These awesome jasper agate beach rocks photos were taken the very first day my husband and I collected them. They are rough, not polished. The colors are so vivid because we wetted them. If you wish to photograph wet beach stones do not place them in direct sunlight because if you do so the result will be unwanted shine in the pictures you take.

Beach Rock Photograph 1

Beach Rock Photograph 2

This is an interesting photo of a conglomerate beach stone which reminds me a lot of the mosaic flooring of my mother's kitchen.

Conglomerate Beach Stone Photo

This is a beauty! A real heart-shaped treasure, looks as though it has just come out of a gold mine.

Jasper Agate Beach Rock

Marble and Jasper - two stones, which along with amethyst and volcanic rock formations, are representative of my country's geological history.

Marble and Jasper Beach Stones

Holes in Beach Stones

This is a collection of petrified wood, jaspers, agates and fossils - all found and photographed on a beachcombing trip.

Pebbles and Beach Rocks

Spring loves beach stones - a white quartz stone in the company of poppies.

Spring Beach Rocks Photo

And a display of my lovely natural greens - all jasper agates (one or two fossilized), softened and rounded by the power of the sea waves.

Green Beach Rocks

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