Beach Stones Snowman Crafts 
            Ideas for Kids

Beach stones snowman crafts make fantastic winter projects for kids having to stay indoors when the temperatures are low outside and the days are short. Snowmen and snowpeople are among favorite winter themes, cheerful, festive, adorable, heart-warming and sometimes whimsical. Rocks and pebbles snowman crafts can decorate your home throughout all the winter months, being very cute and valued as keepsakes.

You can always adapt snowman crafts ideas for kids to the skills of preschoolers or those of school age children. You can have kids personalize their artsy snowmen if they intend to give them as presents to teachers, friends or family, making their craft activity more meaningful. They could add special messages or their name and the year this present was handcrafted by them. Children will be so much thrilled with this activity that they may develop a new hobby out of it, collecting beach stones snowman crafts or any kind of snowman crafts made by themselves or others.

Beach stones snowman crafts don’t have to be expensive – in fact, most of them use cheap embellishing materials, markers, low cost paint brushes and tools found around the house. All you need is beach rocks and pebbles (river rocks are O.K. too) in the right size and form for your snowman crafts – rocks and pebbles don’t necessarily have to be round, any shape will do, as long as they don’t have sharp edges that might cut childrens hands while making their beach stones snowman crafts. Let kids be innovative, creative and unique – it comes natural to them, it is much easier for them to use their imagination than it is for adults. Allow each child to make his/her own version of snowpeople.

Here’s a bunch of beach stones snowman crafts ideas for kids, to keep their mind and hands engaged. Each one of the rocks and pebbles snowman crafts ideas given below is a great opportunity for the development of new skills and promises an exciting hands-on experience:

1. Stacked pebbles and rocks snowman for indoor or outdoor decorating
2. Snowman rock sculpture for your yard or garden
3. Keyring with a painted pebble snowman
4. Doorstopper painted rock snowman
5. Table-top pillar candles decorated with pebble snowman
6. Beachstone buttons snowmen to decorate scarves, knitted hats, handbags
7. Beach pebble snowman ring
8. Beach pebble snowman pendant
9. Beach pebble snowman pin
10. Beach stones snowman place card holders
11. Beach stones snowman napkin rings
12. Beach stone snowman table centerpiece
13. Snowman/snowpeople beach pebble puppets
14. Beach stones snowman wreath
15. Beach pebbles snowman framed wall art


1. Decorate your yard/garden beachstone snowmen with old clothes (toddler clothes will do), scarves and hats, perhaps a wig, fabric scraps and other recycled materials.

2. Plan crafts beforehand, so you have all the materials and tools needed for the activity. Anounce it to kids so as to build up anticipation – this creates greater enthusiasm for the activity.

The above snowman craft ideas for kids will delight all children, strengthen family bonds and friendships (if chosen as a family gathering craft or birthday party craft) and they will certainly beat winter boredom.

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