List of Beachstone Art Ideas
             for Children

Stuck for beachstone art ideas for children? Here is a list of creative art project ideas that all school age kids will enjoy. Kids can work individually or in groups.

1. Beach rock door stopper (painted or embellished with natural/upcycled materials)
2. Beach stone jewelry(e.g.pebble pendant/bracelet)
3. Pebble-decorated personalized journal
4. Beach stones decorated picture frame/mirror
5. Painted garden rocks (animals, bugs, fairies, angels, flowers, signs etc.)
6. Beach stones initial/name/word framed wall art
7. Miniature stone bridge or stone house built with pebbles (architecture art)
8. Beach stones folk art (anything from an “evil eye” paperweight to a “good luck” key ring)
9. Beach stones photo art items for home décor
10. Land art drawing with beach stones/river stones on sand or countryside ground

11. Land art sculpture with beach stones/river stones
12. Beach scenes/landscapes made on canvas with beach stones/pebbles

13. Line drawings with small pebbles on craft paper background or music sheets
14. Mosaics with beach pebbles (e.g. garden stepping stones, mosaic cuff bracelets, stone decorated flower pots and wall plates, decorative mirrors etc.)

CAUTION: Even if the activities are easy for kids, the materials (and techniques) used are safe and the place looks safe, children should never be left unattended.

Beachstone art ideas for children help them relax, gain self-knowledge, build self-acceptance and self-confidence. Children making art with beach rocks and pebbles (or river pebbles) become more perceptive of what free natural materials they could use from the environment around them to make their masterpieces, either decorative items or functional artworks. They also learn to make “happy artful mistakes”, camouflaging a mistake they’ve made by turning it into an element of their art piece – which is actually one way of developing problem solving skills.

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