Fun Cheap Things to Do
       with Beach Stones

Fun cheap things to do with beach stones is what you need if you’re money tight and would like to spend a memorable, enjoyable weekend with friends or family, indoors or outdoors.

Here are some “fun cheap things to do” ideas and activities to choose from:

1. Do some thrift shopping online. Set a limit of $10. Buy natural, polished or unpolished, weird or awesome, drilled (or not) beach stones and beach pebbles. You could get some unique jewelry making beach stones in batches at a real bargain price. There are also craft pebbles, sea tumbled tile or pottery pieces and recycled glass.

2. Make some diy fashion accessories. Belts, head bands, key rings, pendants, bracelets, hair clips, rings, pins, necklaces made with beach stones and pebbles are always in fashion.

3. Another “fun cheap things to do” idea is to make some unique decorative items. Buy some good quality paint and a couple of brushes and paint beach rocks and pebbles for home and garden decoration. An easy idea for all is to draw and paint doodling designs with bright colors on smooth, wave tumbled beach stones.

4. Buy some step-by-step craft projects e-books and a couple of crafting techniques e-books. In general, e-books are much cheaper than traditionally printed books. Some are as cheap as $6 each. Or subscribe to newsletters of sites that offer free crafts and art tutorials, as an alternative.

5. Take some shots of beach stones and rocks, rocky shorelines, pebbly beaches - or buy some beach stone photographs and prints online. You can make collages and artwork with your photos. Hang your creations on walls to create a personalized room decoration.

6. Go to the beach, make some beach art and take photos of your art with beach pebbles and larger beach rocks, to use them later on for arts and crafts. Numbers 5 and 6 of this list are two great cheap beach stones activities both for adults and kids. Of course, you should have a good quality digital camera. Spending money on buying a camera might not seem frugal at first but it does save you a lot of money in the long run, as you needn’t buy wall décor and other decoration accessories and gifts for friends which you could make yourself using your own beach stones photos.

8. Search online or offline bookstores for magazines and books that give you ideas for additional fun cheap things to do with beach pebbles. Cheap beach stones activities will keep primary school age kids occupied and happy indoors, when the weather or other family conditions do not permit outdoor activities. One idea is to have a lady bug pebble art competition (painting lady bugs on pebbles).

Start a collection of beach rocks, beach stone craft pebbles or beach stones for jewelry making and keep a small notebook handy with ideas and creative inspiration for some fun cheap things to do yourself, with friends or with your family.

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