Beach Stones Inexpensive Anniversary Gifts

Inexpensive anniversary gifts are deeply appreciated when they are heartfealt, when you have put your time and love in creating them or searching the market for the right match to your loved one’s personality and preferences. Beach stone gifts may be quite epensive and luxurious or low cost, frugal gifts, depending on your choice. Beach stones add that special warmth to your gift giving and come with that amazing energy that is part of most natural materials – revitalizing and calming at the same time.

Here are 6 inexpensive anniversary gift ideas, made with beach stones. They are simple enough to craft yourself and sure to touch the heart of the recipients.

1. 1st Anniversary: Write a short poem on a piece of fine paper, and make a collage with two or three mini photos of the couple, placed around the poem. Set the whole arrangement in a photo frame which you’ve decorated with beach stones.
2. 3rd Anniversary: Beach stone key ring. Draw or engrave the couple’s initials and a small open heart on the stone and hang it on the ring with a piece of fine quality leather cord. Add an authentic sea glass charm or a recycled glass charm.
3. 5th Anniversary: Make 3D modern art with beach stones on a piece of wood (a small tableau). Set it in a frame made with driftwood.
4. 7th Anniversary: Make a small decorative wreath with copper wire for its base and decorate it with beach stones and wool ribbons. Write the names or initials of the recipients on the stones, the anniversary year and date, or the words “love”, “forever”, “perfect couple”.
5. 13th Anniversary: Decorate rounded beach stones with lace in different designs and of varying colors and width. Leave some space on the stones uncovered, to write the names or initials of the recipients and the anniversary year and date. Place them in a beautiful container and watch the recipients’ emotional reaction as they unwrap your stylish gift.
6. 25th Anniversary: Make silver jewelry. Use beach stones (drilled or not), sterling silver or silver plated wire, beads, ribbons, sterling silver or silver plated charms, leather and waxed cotton strings. Artful and unique necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets are always top choice inexpensive anniversary gifts when picking beach stone gifts for women.

The above inexpensive anniversary gifts will capture feelings and remind a couple how special their relationship is. As beach stone gifts are one of a kind, they will make a wedding anniversary memorable for the years to come.

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