Best 3 Tips For DIY Angel Art
with Rocks and Pebbles      

by Maria Chatzi

There are numerous techniques, mediums and styles for making angel art and crafts. After years of experimenting with most of them as a crafter and self-taught artist, I’ve found that the following three tips are the best I can give you if you are a beginner. From my personal experience, these tips are applicable to making beach pebble angel sculptures, ephemeral pebble angel art, painted rock angels, and pebble angel wall art.


1.    Your purpose, aims and creative intention will set the basis for all other decisions you make before and during the creative process.  

Why are you making this beach stone angel art?

Are you doing this as a spiritual practice? Is it an epxression of your faith? Maybe your aim is to create a Prayer-and-Hope pebble angel for  someone in your community who is seriously ill, or a memorial rock angel for a beloved pet that has passed away.

Or, perhaps you want to make a handpainted beach stone angel to give away to a friend or family member for guidance and protection at a turning point in their life.

The reason could also be that you simply enjoy decorating your home with your own handmade creations.

Making art and crafts with materials collected from nature just for the joy of experiencing the benefits of the creative process is a sound reason too. It has a calming effect on a troubled mind and restless soul.

There are dozens of other reasons for crafting artful beach stone angels. Whatever your reason, your awareness of your aims and creative intention will make planning your project easier and the whole process will be more meaningful to you - it is like a compass pointing you in the right direction.

If you are making it for a friend, you may want to add some personalization to the design. For example, if you know your friend loves the feel of silk you can choose that material for the dress.

Likewise, if you are crafting angel art for a school bazaar maybe you have to consider using materials and techniques that would allow pricing your beachstone angel lower – people at craft fairs are often looking for a bargain.  


2.    Take into consideration where your beach stone angel will be displayed.


Almost all angel crafts and art are for display, with very few exceptions (e.g. some not-to-be-seen pocket pebble angels, used as amulets and talismans, and other mystical angel crafts). 

So, will your creation be displayed outdoors or indoors? 

If you’re thinking of displaying it outdoors will that be on a permanent sort of basis, like a large painted beach pebble angel decorating your rock garden, or are you making an ephemeral angel with beach stones and pebbles at a sandy beach or your back yard? 

I would like to make a parenthesis here. I must warn you about ephemeral rock angel art: it gets addictive. Focusing more on the process of creating and learning to let go of the outcome is, indeed, a serene feeling. It is a good idea to invest in taking a creative photography course if you don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to take interesting shots of the land art you create. You can use the photos of your ephemeral angel art for other hobbies or crafts you may have at present or take on later in life, like art journaling or scrapbooking.

To continue with our topic, if displayed indoors is your beach rock angel going to decorate a shelf, a wall or a christmas tree? Or, are you crafting a pebble angel mosaic to decorate your living room stone floor?

Will you need to create a special display place or stand for it? Will a spotlight enhance its appearance?


3.    Planning your creative project is essential.


If you’re a diyer, you may be thinking: “Why would I need to plan my angel art project? I’m not a professional crafter!”

The main reasons are two: 

a)    Planning your angel art project gives you clarity and focus. Once you know where you’re going, what you need to take along and what you may encounter on the road you set out to travel, it is much easier and faster to get there. All you will have to do is follow the road map, that is, your plan. And the outcome is of far better quality than what you’ll end up having crafted without planning. 

b)    Even if you are a hobbyist crafter today, you may decide to turn your hobby into a creative business in the future.

Some questions to ask yourself to help you plan your diy angel art project are the following: 

·         What stye and what elements inspire me most when I see other people’s artisitc angel art and crafts? 

Can I use that inspiration to create my own, unique rock angel art? 

·         Who is my rock angel for? 

If it is for somebody else, you must answer the questions “Will ……. (name of that person) like the style I’m choosing?” and “Are there any modifications I may need to make to suit ……. (person’s name) preferences?” 

·         What technique or techniques materials, tools, embellishments do I want to use? 

Will I use only rocks and pebbles or will I incorporate any other meterials in my work? If yes, what kind of materials will they be?  

Are all supplies easily available to me? If not, what alternatives do I have? 

·         How long will it take me to craft this?                 

Write down the answers. Your answers to the above questions must be as specific as possible. For example, don’t write “I will also use other earth-friendly and recycled materials for my angel art project”. Instead, write “I will also use wood, glass and non-toxic paint”. 

Keep in mind that, for various reasons, you may need to make alterations to your plan during the creative process.

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