Making Angel Art Crafts with   Beach Rocks and Pebbles         

Angel art and angel crafts are very popular nowadays. Decorating your home and garden with angels and other winged creatures (fairies and mytholocical creatures like gargoyles and the greek god of love “eros” or else known as “cupid”) is one of the top choices. Through the centuries, Christian, Jewish, Kabbalistic, Islamic and Zoroastrian angel art and crafts have been created to remind people of the existence of these celestial beings, sent to us by God or Divine Power to guide, help, protect us or record our doings and way of living. So, regardless of your spiritual philosophy and religious faith, you can make different types of angel artwork and angel crafts with beach stones and rock pebbles.

Creating artful angels with beach stones and beach pebbles is a fulfilling, uplifting experience for adults. Your beachstone angels will remind you that peace and goodness should rule your life and that it is enlightened wisdom to care for all beings on earth, including nature. It is this wisdom that is expressed in the creation of contemporary garden angel crafts and art – a guardian angel is there for all plants and creatures living in your garden. Additionally, a beachstone garden angel craft you will make yourself or garden angel art you will purchase as a special custom-made piece is the best kind of memorial for a pet or a loved one who’s passed away.

Also, making simple beachstone angel crafts is a fun activity and has a calming effect on your mind and soul. Inspired angel art and creative angel crafts made by you, with pebbles and stones from the beach, could be given to friends and family as gifts any time of the year. Or perhaps you discover an exciting new hobby for yourself (and- why not?-for a friend too) or a challenging idea for a small new business.

Even if you’re not sure about the existence of angels, or if you don’t believe in them, make one and enjoy the soothing effects of alternative healing through beach stone art making. Then give your handmade beachstone angel, as a heart-felt gift of love, to someone who’s a believer or to someone who’s uncertain about angels but is at a turning point of his life and is in need of some spiritual assistance and positive energy. You may be surprised to find out later that your beach stone angels helped someone or some people find the right path for them or make the right decision in a difficult situation.

Here are some ideas and tips for your angel crafts:

1. Large smooth beach rocks are special, most treasured finds for garden angel arts and crafts, primitive angel door stops or self-standing decorative beach stone angels for your table décor or room decor.

2. Medium sized beach rocks and stones are good for country angel photography art, like the one in the picture below. They are also good for decorative angel crafts and gifts, like candle holders, garden stepping stones, table centerpieces, place card holders, paperweights, bookends.

3. Small beach pebbles are ideal for angel crafts like mosaics, wall art, small standing ornaments, key rings.

4. Use semi-precious beach stones and semi-precious stone chips from the market or from old damaged jewelry pieces (which you’ll need to take apart)to decorate your beach stone angels art and crafts.

5. Mix other natural materials in your artwork like wood, metal, fibers, fabrics or recycled materials.

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