Beach Rocks and Pebbles Info

Here you will learn about all types of beach rocks, from very plain to awesome ones, beach agates and other semi-precious beach gems. So this is the place to start from if you need information on beach stones and smooth rounded pebbles, which many of us are drawn to. You will also learn how to tell natural stones from stone-like solidified sediment.

You will find some geological information about the origin of beach stones and pebbles, you will learn how to identify them and you will also get to know how to group them into categories according to their type. Most often sea tumbled rocks look so different on the sand from the same types of rocks and minerals found rough on mountains, mines, quarries or elsewhere. This section will help you realize that beach stones and pebble rocks are like all other kinds of rocks that have been created and exist above and under the earth's surface. So among beach stones and pebble rocks you can also find different types of colorful gems, the kind sold in the market (often referred to as birthstones). There are links below with additional pebbles info, concerning birthstones, and you will also be given some tips on how to sort these out from other types of rocks found on the beach as well. Please, keep in mind that any geological facts you learn here about the formation of beach rocks and their categorization would in most cases apply to river rocks or lake rocks as well.

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