Ideas for Beach Stone Bracelet Making and Design Tips

by Maria Chatzi

Beach stone bracelet making (or pebble bracelet making) is fun and once you get the hang of it you can add stylish variety to your accessories collection. Beach stone and pebble bracelets also make great keepsakes and gifts for friends and for all occasions.

A simple braided or knotted string bracelet with dangling matt or polished beach stones and decorated with ribbons and a few beads is the ideal match for your jeans, while a silver metal bracelet with hand formed and hand polished semi precious beach stones would be an eye-catching jewelry piece to wear on a more formal occasion.

Also, beach stone bracelet making is a great kid party activity for girls.

To make a beach stone bracelet, you should first choose the beach stones and pebbles you would like to create your bracelet with.

Then, you should consider what material and what technique you’re going to use.

Actually, there is a wide range of materials and a good number of bracelet making techniques to choose from. You could use beading wire, strings and threads, chain, cords, leather, or perhaps metal sheet, pearls, various beads, sea glass, felt and fabrics, even recycled materials like buttons or mini nuts and bolts, depending on what style you would like your bracelet to be.

After deciding on the materials, the technique and the style of your beach stone bracelet you should start designing it.

If you are a beginner, start with simple, easy to make designs.

A simple design could be equally beautiful to a more difficult, elaborate one when the choice of beach stones and pebbles (color, size, shape, texture etc.) carefully matches the materials style and colors your bracelet is made of, the personality of the person who’s going to wear it and the occasion for which it is created.

To get ideas on designing bracelets with beach stones, to learn new techniques and improve on beach stone bracelet making read as many online articles and tutorials as you can on making bracelets in general. Watching related videos helps even more.

But remember that learning takes time and that we actually learn only when we learn at our own pace.

Below are some beach stone bracelet making tips to help you with designing your beach stones and pebbles bracelets:

1. The size of the wrist plays an important role on the kind of beach pebbles you should choose for your beach stone bracelet creation.

If the person who’s going to wear the bracelet has a wrist of a large size, choose medium to big beach pebbles. If the wrist size is small a bracelet with small to medium pebbles would look much better.

2. Another decision to make before you begin crafting your beach stone bracelet is whether you’ld like it to be made of soft or hard materials, shiny or matt, and how sturdy, all natural or a combination of natural and manmade materials.

Are you going to use semi-precious beach stones or just humble and plain beach pebbles of only aesthetic or emotional value?

If you intend to use semi-precious beach pebbles you must have some knowledge on the types of rock pebbles found on the beach. It is a common characteristic of professionals to know what kind of stones are incorporated in their creations.

Also, try to envision your finished design - how would the materials you’ve picked look with your beach pebbles? What technique or techniques are you going to use?

Mixing media and techniques often results in unique, artistic beach stone bracelets.

3. Skin color is also important when choosing the color of beach stones you should use. Do you want to stress a contrast like: Dark colored skin with light colored beach stone bracelet? Or would you rather prefer stones without a strong color antithesis to skin color?

For an aesthetically pleasant design, color combos of materials to be used with your particular beach stones and pebbles should also be taken into consideration. Do you prefer a colorful design to one of varying shades of only one color? If it’s intended as a gift, what suits best the person who’s receiving it?

After you’ve found your answers to the above questions and made your decisions, you’re ready to make your beach stone bracelet.

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