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Beach stone crafts and art help us express ourselves artistically and strengthen our appreciation of the uniqueness and the artful simplicity of nature's treasures. Here you will find articles, lists, project instructions, ideas and tips for all sorts of things you can do with beach stones.

Begin wherever you like. But if you haven't done so yet, go to Beach Rocks Info and get some basic knowledge on beach rocks and pebbles first. It will help you learn to identify beach pebbles and decide what kind of beach stones you'ld like to incorporate into your craft and art projects.

Beach stone crafts and beach stone art offer an enjoyable and satisfying creative experience. Making art with various types of beach stones is a great hobby or passtime activity (for adults and kids alike)and crafting with beach pebbles is easy for all. Pebble crafts and other rock crafts and art ideas given in this website are mainly of the kind that serve a functional or decorative purpose, being useful things like: wall art (mirrors, abstract art, framed art, clocks etc), room deco, jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants), table decoration (candle rings, centerpieces, place mats, etc), gift making, garden art (stepping stones, stones sculpture, flower bed stone decoration, painted garden rocks etc). However there are also ideas for other artful creations like beach art with beach stones and things you can do with beach stones and pebbles photography (angel art, butterfly art, snowman art etc.) as well. If you need articles and beach stones project ideas for preschoolers and school age kids go to the Activities for Kids section.

So go ahead and click on the links to find ideas for interesting and indeed beautiful beach stone art and pebble crafts which you could make and show to your friends with pride, give as gifts (and save some money) or even sell (and make extra money). You will be given some easy to follow instructions, for simple artful projects, only to start your beach stone art and crafts journey of creativity. Explore your imagination, use your creative thinking, feel free to go wild with your designs.

There is something in the appearance and the texture of beach stones and pebbles that calls for the inner artist that exists in all of us. Perhaps it is the primitive calling of mother earth and the mental peace that follows our answering it. Use beach rocks and pebbles for your crafts and art projects and you will soon find beach pebbles and beach stones occupying a good place in your home, your head and your heart.

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