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In this section there are plenty of ideas for beach stones activities for kids, for indoor and outdoor fun. We all know how kids love making things with their hands. You’ve also probably been to the beach with children and noticed how excited they got with colorful rocks and smooth pebbles, rounded or odd-shaped ones. It is amazing how much they are attracted to beach stones and how fast their imagination works to make the creative connections between what they want to see and what is actually there for the rest of us (only rocks and pebbles!) At first glance they make monsters, objects, animals, people and whole worlds out of plain beach stones lying on the sand. Being a teacher (and private tutor) of school age kids for years and a mother of two wonderful girls, it is my solid belief that all children have an innate inquenchable thirst for learning through creative activities. Beach stones activities for kids are in all cases close to a child’s heart, as most nature-connected activities.

Please keep in mind that the information given here relates to children but addresses parents, child caretakers and teachers. This is NOT a section of a website for kids, although there are plenty of activities suitable for children. Kids (especially those of younger ages) must always be supervised/attended by an adult when exploring, playing or creating with rocks and pebbles. That granted, kids can discover the beauty of beach rocks and enjoy using their imagination to create simple, self-expressive nature art. Why do I believe you should choose beach stones activities for kids? For the same reason I’ve chosen to write about Beach Stones in this website.

This is the place where you will find projects for your little ones, as well as articles and lists with easy ideas on creative activities for kids. It is a place with info on fun things to do and cool things for them to make with beach rocks and pebbles. Some examples of the type of activities presented to you, are the following:

All sorts of art and crafts ideas (for decoration or gifts) in relation to holidays, like Thanksgiving Activities, Father’s Day Crafts, Mother’s Day Crafts, Earth Day Art, Valentine’s Day Crafts, Easter Crafts etc. Projects, ideas and tips for seasonal indoor and outdoor activities for kids are also offered. In fact, some outdoor activities like beach art and beach games, as well as garden art and crafts with rocks and pebbles are top choices for children of all ages.

Additionally, you’ll find original, fresh ideas for simple gifts children can make for other occasions like birthdays and teacher appreciation day. Preschool Activities will prove helpful for caretakers and those of you who’ld like to engage preschoolers in creative family fun. Last, but not least, there are quite a lot of ideas to use beach rocks, stones and pebbles, in order to motivate and help kids find inspiration for creative writing. These beach stones inspired creative writing activities will eventually create a love for writing itself.

Who knows? These activities for kids could be the seed and the first steps of a future young artist or writer!

So, go on – Click on the links below and start having fun with kids and beach stones!

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