Art Projects with Beach Stones
                Ideas and tips

by Maria Chatzi

The following short list of ideas for art projects is for adults but could also be easily adapted for kids of any age. As all creative activities with natural materials, they are excellent anticipation builders for art classes and are always accepted with enthusiasm by children.

So here’s the list to inspire you:

5 Art Projects Ideas with Beach Stones

1. Wall art

Make Initial or Word art on canvas, framed or not, to hang on your walls. Grouping three or four unique beach pebble wall art designs together results in outstanding decoration.

Three-dimensional scenic art is another good idea. You could use beach pebbles of different sizes and textures combined with other natural materials like wood, shells and glass - or add some modern materials to your wall art, like plastic and aluminum (sheet and foil).

2. Painting and drawing

Paint using brushes, sponges, your fingers, leaves, fabrics, or whatever else you can think of to get an unusual piece of artwork.

Experiment in drawing with all sorts of pencils, pens and markers.

Use a contrasting colors palette or a monocrhome one. Either one could give impressive results.

You can even “draw” in an unconventional way using scraps of paper or fabric.

3. Photography art fun

You first need to learn how to take interesting shots, how to edit your photos and how to display them creatively (take an online course or find free information on the Web).

Then go to the beach and take lots of photos of beach stones and pebbles from different angles and in different groupings.

Use them to make a great piece of collage wall art, some artistic greeting cards for friends and family who are beach lovers, or have them printed on mugs and other everyday functional or decorative items for your home.

4. Beach Art

Beach art is land art made only on beaches. You can also use any kind of other items you may find on the beach where you intend to make your art, even sea-weeds and trash (like empty plastic bottles people have tossed away). But, of course, you may choose to use only pebbles and rocks.

Note that you may find online photos of art that people made on riverbanks or near lakes, for the lack of a beach near their hometowns. They call this “beach art”, probably because “lake art” and “river art” are less common terms. 

5. Beach Rock Sculptures

This is mainly stone-balancing art but some rock sculptures are made with the mixed media technique, including wood, steel, industrial materials and rusty metals in the artwork. 

Beach rock sculptures are usually made as beach art, left by the artist on the spot when finished, for other visitors to admire, until the sculpture is knocked over by the power of the waves.

However, there are stone-balancing artists who create beach rock sculptures or river rock sculptures to decorate gardens and yards as well.

If you decide to make beach rocks sculptures for interior décor, and you have come up with some stone-balancing ideas for art projects, go wild: Use materials that don’t seem to be a good match at first glance - make an innovative piece of beach stone art to be remembered by your visitors.

Let yourself enjoy creative freedom and stress relief with any one of the above suggested projects. Get the little ones in your life involved with beach rock activities and beach pebble art too.  

You could make beach stones and pebble art projects as easy or as challenging as you like – it mainly depends on the amount of work you intend to put in your project and the time you have available.

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