Tips and Ideas for Making           Inexpensive Pebble Centerpieces

by Maria Chatzi

If you are looking for inexpensive table centerpiece ideas you should consider crafting an artful and cheap centerpiece with rocks and pebbles instead of the traditional floral centerpiece.

Just make sure they are right for the mood you want to create and that they fit in with the room’s other décor items, colors and atmosphere (or with the mood and style of the outdoor place the centerpiece is going to decorate).

Beach stone centerpieces look equally interesting in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Especially if you’re thinking of making your own centerpieces for a frugal beach themed wedding crafting them with beach pebbles is one of the best choices.

Beach stones centerpieces are also ideal for other events and occasions, like summer buffet parties, every day summer decoration, beach parties, summer birthday parties (children birthday parties too), graduation parties, retirement parties, or just for creating an informal atmosphere with a zen effect for an evening with friends.

Another idea is to craft these centerpieces as homemade and personalized holiday or birthday gifts for friends.

You could even involve your kid and make a cheap centerpiece with pebbles and driftwood (or pebbles and shells) for a teacher, as an appreciation gift.


  • Search the web for pictures of centerpieces you like, made with natural materials, to get some inspiration for the design of your own inexpensive centerpiece with beach stones and pebbles.
  • For more inexpensive table centerpiece ideas take a look at décor magazines and books.
  • Pillar candles or votives, of different shapes and heights will add to the looks of your beach stone centerpiece.
  • Use beach stones and pebbles you’ve brought back from your vacation, to make a cheap centerpiece with sentimental value. Or, buy them online in batches, threes or pairs. You could find some interesting shapes and textures, even some semi-precious beach rocks and pebbles, if you’d like to make a luxurious and personalized beach themed centerpiece.
  • Ideas for other materials you could use for your inexpensive pebbles and rocks centerpiece are: driftwood, shells, sea glass, fabrics, paper, craft paint, lace etc.
  • Place your frugal beach stone centerpiece in a glass bowl or glass cake tray, in a fish bowl, in a wooden box or metal bowl, on a mirror tile, a wooden tray, or a stone tile. Choose the container or basis that compliments your centerpiece design.

A cheap centerpiece with beach stones creates a very romantic and sophisticated atmosphere. It is a heart-warming decoration item that satisfies the human need to reconnect to nature for peace and tranquility of soul and mind.

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