List of Cheap Decorating Ideas
with Beach Stones and Pebbles

by Maria Chatzi

One thing you should always remember when decorating is that style and elegance is not an inherent characteristic of expensive, luxurious decor accessories. Yes, it is possible that expensive items could lack both style and elegance.

A simple, wave tumbled beach stone or an interestingly formed larger beach rock, may bring that desired sophisticated, elegant look to your interior decoration.

The following list of 17 cheap decorating ideas with beach stones and pebbles will help you create, or choose to buy, inspiring summer  decoration items for your home, with personality.

1. Framed 3D pebble art

You can frame your beach pebble artwork with or without glass. If you want to show off the frame choose a minimalist pebble art style. On the other hand, if you want the pebble art to pop use a simple classic frame, in a neutral color, that won’t draw the viewer’s attention.

2. Canvas pebble art  

To create an unusual piece of art see lots of photos (not plans) of modern architectural landscaping designs, to get ideas and inspiration. Then, use your personal style and some interesting beach pebbles to create your own canvas art. A pebble can be interesting to the viewer with regard to its  rare shape, pattern or texture. Alternatively, you can make your pebble art on a piece of wooden art board instead of canvas.

3. Decorative natural beach rock door stoppers  

This is one of the easiest cheap decorating ideas to try. Use the rock door stoppers without any treatment for natural and minimal décor. Or, decorate them with various materials and techniques to your soul’s contentment.

4. Decorative candle holders and upcycled table lamps

Make these with flat beach pebbles stacked onto one another, untreated or painted. Do an online search for design ideas. To upcycle your old table lamps, you need to have some technical knowledge and skills or a family member (or friend) who also has the time and willingness to help you. If not, look for free online tutorials.

5. Decorative pebble wreaths

Ideal for interior and exterior decoration. Avoid using large pebbles. Pick only a few pebbles you are particularly fond of and use small pumice stones to fill in the design, as they are lighter in weight and very attractive as natural filler material.

6. Beach pebble place mats, door mats, bathroom mats

Only flat pebbles work well for this project; use them polished or untreated. Crafting mats is actually making mosaics: you must first make sure you have all the pieces you need (in this case “all you need” is actually MUCH MORE than you need, in various shapes and sizes) and, before you start gluing the pebbles on the base material, you must move them around to find their right place. It’s the kind of project that takes time and patience.

6. Beach rock book ends

Paint them or use them without any treatment. Give them to friends, teachers, and family members as holiday gifts or appreciation gifts.

7. Table centerpieces

Crafted with beach rocks and pebbles, they look even more beautiful and romantic if you add flowers or sea shells to your synthesis. Two good ideas are to build such centerpieces on wood logs, if your creation is large, or display them in a vintage glass cloche (or bell jar), if your creation is of small size.

8. Pebble decorated mirrors

Either you display them in a beach house, or your apartment, you can decorate all types of mirrors with beach pebbles. Add a little of turquoise and cobalt blue sea glass and some driftwood to your design. Also, a few pearls will give your pebble decorated mirror a romantic style.

9. Decorative shelf  

Make it from an upcycled wooden pallet, or driftwood, and paint pebbles on it or create a unique design by gluing some real ones. Other artful ideas are to decoupage or collage pictures of beach pebbles on the decorative shelf you craft.

10. Pebble stone table runners

As for mats, only flat pebbles will work for table runners. Use strong craft glue for stones. Glue them, first, on a soft mesh or burlap and then use a more sturdy backing under this first base material.

11. Name place holders

Using beach rocks and pebbles to make name place holders is a fun project for kids too. Craft a whole bunch of them, for birthdays, holidays, family gatherings.

12. Beach pebble framed house numbers

Use a template to design the house number on a small wooden block, the kind artists use. Then, cut it out with a craft saw and paint it the color you prefer. When the painting has dried, glue small beach pebbles all around the edge (to frame the number). 

13. Pebble coasters

These are pebble mosaics made on cork, wooden, or balsa wood coasters. You can also use a small terracotta tile for the base, or upcycle an old set of coasters you have at home. Whichever surface you will use for the base must be cleaned very well first. If you upcycle a terracotta tile make sure the surface you glue your pebbles on is mat and rough, so they won’t fall off after a while.

14. Painted and decoupaged art pebbles

Make a whole themed collection of these and display them in glass containers, on tables and shelves, on a mantelpiece or a window sill. You can get lots of ideas for color palettes if you search the web.

15. Small rock river or dry creek

Running along one of your bedroom’s walls, it creates a zen feeling of living close to nature. You can keep the design minimal or add a few painted stone plants, pebble fishes and insects.

16. Decorative pebble knobs

They will transform your drawers and cabinet doors. You can drill large polished beach pebbles with a smooth surface and screw them onto a wooden, glass, porcelain or metal base, or use a strong craft glue to glue untreated beach pebbles with a flat back side on a wooden base for a more rustic look.

17. Decorative pebble pillows

A printed pebble design on decorative pillows will look lovely on any bed or couch. You can even trace real pebbles, magnify the design and use the pattern to sew some minimal one-color pillows to match the colors of your room.

Tips and advice

  • Nature is an excellent guide for materials, textures, shapes and color combinations – and a great art teacher as well (provided you learn to “see” and “listen” to what nature’s showing or telling you). Visit the beach at different seasons, look at online photo galleries of rocky or pebbly sea shores and get inspired for even more cheap decorating ideas.
  • Search the web for frugal websites and frugal blogs, join frugal forums for more cheap home décor inspiration with stones from the beach. 
  • Visit your local library to borrow some books on various techniques for art and crafts, or find some free e-books online, and see what you can apply to your creative crafts with rocks and pebbles. 

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