Beach Stones Decor Ideas
   for your Home and Garden

Are you interested in beach stones decor ideas for those amazing pebbles you’ve brought back home from your vacations? Do you love the look of natural rocks and beach stones around the house? In this section you will learn how to decorate your indoor and outdoor environment with them so as to transform it to a green eco place that you feel happy living in.

For Your Artistic Side

You will find ideas and tips on how to beautify your home, back yard and garden with the placement of natural, untreated rocks (some of them being art pieces that nature herself has created) and with various beach stones décor items, from simple to elaborate, you can create yourself.

For Calming Earthy Energy Seekers

This is a “must read” section for all of you who are lovers of stylish natural indoor and outdoor decoration that brings a calming feel of earthy energy. Decorating with beach rocks and pebbles is one of the best ways to bring that soothing effect of nature inside your home, or make a serene corner to relax and contemplate in your garden.  Remember that among beach stones you could also find crystals and other gemstones, which would be a great addition to your home's zen decor.

For Lovers Of Photography

In addition to other beach stones décor ideas, here you will get inspiration on how to display your pebble art and rock crafts for a touch of breezy modern beach home design. Do you love photographing nature? Do you find it difficult to hold yourself back from displaying your photos in every room of your home? Then this section is definitely for you too. Click on the links below to read some advice on how to take interesting shots of beach pebbles and rocks, which evoke the mood of the seaside. You can use them for wall décor or table décor crafts and art.

For Recycling Addicts

Do you have any old décor accessories you were thinking of giving away or throwing in a dumpster? Read the information in this section first; you may discover a way to repurpose them. For example, by taking apart your old décor accessories and using some of their parts to create a new piece of artwork in combination with beach stones. You can make a creative decorative or functional item with a handful of interesting beach pebbles, or consider using a hand painted pebble as the focal point of your recycled art décor item.

For The Bold Decorator In You

Try the creative décor ideas with beach rocks, given in the links below, and have fun with redecorating your house, back yard and garden this summer. Do not be afraid to be bold and add ornate decorative pebble accessories to your space if that is what you feel inspired to do and if that expresses your personal style in decoration. Not everyone wants a home with a simple, minimal, zen atmosphere. When you do not like a trend, or when you get a strong feeling that a piece of expert advice does not match your personal preferences, do not follow decorators’ advice no matter how famous they may be, nor the trends blindly. Remember it’s your home; show that you own it in the decoration choices you make. In fact, an ornate piece of artwork crafted with beach pebbles in an otherwise minimally decorated living space pops out, as a focal point, adding interest to your room décor concept.

Additional Tips

  1. Knowing your personal decorating style will help you choose the right décor projects (or accessories to buy) for your house and garden.
  2. Layout and texture play a significant role when creating art and crafts with beach pebbles.
  3. If you want a beach pebble artwork or rock art sculpture piece to stand out avoid overloading your space with décor items. Another trick, only for the daring ones, is to make it in a contrasting style to the decoration of your room; sometimes, décor items that “blend in” with your room’s decoration style “disappear” in it as well, especially if you prefer spaces that are stuffed with art and accessories.

Note: Although most beach stones décor ideas presented in this section are easy art and crafts to make, for any age group, they are NOT children oriented activities. If you need some more creative beach stones art and crafts especially for kids' interests go to the Kids Activities Ideas section of this website.

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