Outstanding Décor Ideas
With Beach Stones and Pebbles 

by Maria Chatzi 

Are you interested in beach stones decor ideas for those amazing pebbles you’ve brought back home from your vacations? Do you love the look of natural rocks and beach stones around the house, in your garden and yard?

This is for you if you are:

a.    A crafter, artisan or artist (diyer, self-taught, or professional) and a repurposing and upcycling addict

b.    A calming earthy energy seeker – for relaxation, stress release and contemplation - and one who appreciates the way natural materials talk to the soul

c.    A modern and bold decorator, or home décor enthusiast, looking for inspiring ideas

d.    A nature lover who enjoys making organic art and crafts, learning things and trying out new ideas and projects

This is the first article in a series of four. You will find the links to the other three articles after the end of this one.

So, let’s begin.

Here is a list of outstanding ideas to decorate your indoor and outdoor environment and create a place you will be happy to live in.


1.    Try some creative restraint: Make interior and exterior artwork and décor items only with a specific type, or shape, of beach stones and pebbles, e.g. only heart stones or elongated pebbles or marble stones.

Such mosaic projects could be the following: a bathroom edge trim, a tabletop, a jewelry box, a large decorative garden rock, and mosaic mushrooms for your garden.


2.    Use beach stones and pebbles to create pebble art designs and pictures, which you will build into outdoor or indoor walls. This art may be framed with stone or glass pebbles but it is not necessary.  You can make abstract designs, patterns, simple scenes, words and letters, symbols, flowers, trees, insects and more.

Pick your colors carefully. Use beach stones and pebbles of a similar hue, tint or shade. They must be of a contrasting color to your wall if you want your creative design to pop. Make it of a complimentary hue, tint or shade if you want it to blend in with the color of the wall. Remember that a design does not have to pop to stand out.


3.    Take the above idea further: with rock and pebble designs and pictures, decorate your garden gate, your indoor and outdoor furniture (made of stone or cement or wood),  a kitchen backsplash, a kitchen island, a bed headboard.


4.    Another idea with amazing results is to craft a centerpiece mosaic, a mosaic corner design, a mosaic edge trim, or a mosaic abstract design for the lower part of indoor or outdoor pillars.

Use this idea to decorate room walls, hallways and patios.

If you like mixed media art you can add some vintage, recycled and found materials to your stone mosaics.

5.    Make a rock and pebble frame around windows, doors, mirrors, a single decorative shelf and any wall art piece you would like your visitor’s eyes to focus on.

If you have a large wall space to decorate and intend to create a wall gallery put this stone frame around the centerpiece of your gallery, leaving some blank space around your centerpiece – this will lead the viewer’s eye to the focal point of your design. The eye must see the whole artwork grouping as ONE piece, not lots of pieces scattered on your wall without any intention.


6.    Create relaxing Zen and Meditation spaces in your home or garden by adding features like a Rock Garden, a Rock  River or a Rock Waterfall.


7.    Showcase your Beach Stones, Beach Rock Gems and Pebble Collections. Place them in glass containers, baskets and platters made of organic materials, on mantels and windowsills, on wall scones and pedestals.

If you showcase them in your garden place your beach stones and special rock collections in spots where they can be easily seen – if they are part of a garden bed décor make sure they won’t be covered by the plants when they will have grown.


8.    Use beach stones and pebbles in functional décor projects. These are projects that fix a problem.  

Examples of such projects are Dry Streams or Dry Creek Beds (or Rock Rivers) and Downspout Rain Gardens built with rocks and pebbles and decorated with clay pots or rock sculptures. They are created to prevent house flooding from water runoff and to direct excessive rain water to public street drainage systems so that it won’t form problem-causing puddles and mud sites in your landscape.


Some Additional Tips

  • Knowing your personal decorating style will help you choose the right beach stones décor ideas and projects for your house and garden. It also makes the creative process flow easier and turns it into a stress-relieving activity.
  • Layout and texture play a significant role when creating art and crafts décor with beach rocks and pebbles. Knowing how to make the important elements stand out and how to add interest and depth to your design through texture are keys to communicating your artwork’s message to the viewers and buyer.
  • When you do not like a trend, or when you get a strong feeling that a piece of expert advice does not match your personal preferences, do not follow the trends blindly nor decorators’ advice no matter how famous they may be. Remember it’s your home and you must feel good living in it; show that you own it in the decoration choices you make.

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