Creative and Educational
  Beach Stones Hobbies for Kids

by Maria Chatzi

Beach stones hobbies for kids give your children a chance to connect or reconnect with nature.

Also rocks, minerals and pebble hobbies could help them acquire learning skills, like research and study skills; as they get more involved and passionate about their hobby they want to learn and read more.

Following is a list of 5 ideas for creative hobbies with rocks and pebbles your kids could start.

1. Collecting various types of rocks and pebbles 

Children could buy rocks and pebbles online or offline for their collection.

Alternatively, they could pick rocks and pebbles themselves from the beach (make sure it is legal in the area you will be beach combing) or from river banks and river beds.

Beach combing and rock hunting are therapeutic and addictive hobbies for adults and kids alike.

It is best to go beach-combing for pebbles a couple of days after a storm.

Some rocks and pebbles look so interesting and carry equally interesting stories of the way they were formed.

If you know what you’re looking for, it is possible to find gemstones as well. So it is a good chance for children to aquire some basic backround knowledge on Geology and Gemology (which, too, could develop into hobbies).

Another educational idea is to teach children a little bit of the history of the uses of gems, rocks and pebbles in different civilizations – libraries, book shops and the internet have a good deal of information.


Kids must always be attended by an adult during their explorations in nature walks. Always consult the weather forecast before setting off for your expedition and make sure the place you are visiting is safe for kids, so as to avoid exposing children to any kind of dangerous circumstances.

2. Drawing or painting on beach stones

This is a very relaxing, self-expressive activity for kids.

Give children bright, non-toxic colors to use.

Let them use brushes, sponges, potato stamps, Q-tips.

Doodling is another good idea and easy for all ages.

If kids are preschoolers, they’ll be happy to do some finger-painting on large, smooth beach stones.

If you believe that education goes hand in hand with play and art, and if you feel like doing some “homework” yourself, this is an opportunity for them to learn some history on different types of rock painting – how and why people used to draw or paint on rocks in prehistoric and historic ages.

3.  Some more types of art and crafts beach stones hobbies for children are:

  • pebble mosaics
  • rock dolls
  • pebble key holders
  • pebble wind chimes
  • pebble jewelry
  • beach pebbles and rocks photography

All the above will cultivate self-confidence in children, help their personal growth and be a source of happiness and fulfillment throughout their life.

4. Show children how to get inspired by beach stones and river stones and they could start a writing hobby.

They could write funny verses and short stories about beach pebbles and rocks and make personal Poetry Collections and Story Collections, to treasure in the years to come as family keepsakes.

Things to keep in mind:

1. With some of the above hobbies for kids, the little ones may need a helping hand and some encouragement to use their imagination.

2.  A great deal of these hobbies for kids also offer parents, teachers and child caretakers an opportunity to teach children problem solving skills and goal-setting.

3. They make healthier kids with a more balanced, stress-free life. 

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