Beach Stones Inspiration
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Looking for new inspiration? Beach stones inspiration is for everyone, both adults and kids, and is generously offered to us by Nature. If we take a close look at the natural environment at a beach (including,of course, beach rocks and pebbles), we will (re)-discover an ever-lasting, ever-changing source of inspiration.

Pebbles, even as small as your thumbnail, and huge boulders have the power to tell stories that our world needs to hear.

Every beach stone is there for a parent, a teacher, an artist, a rockhound, a writer/poet and a crafter to discover it. Take this trip of discovery and you will be inspired to create a new world of beauty and magical simplicity.

n our times, when all values are questioned and in the hurricane of the crisis of the economy, this is a (re-)discovery we adults must make. There are riches in nature, metaphorically and literally speaking, that our modern world has forgotten or underestimated.

Kids are naturally inclined to “seeing” these riches – have you seen the expression on their faces when taken to the beach for beach pebble collecting or beach combing? For them it is as easy as play to get inspired by stones, pebbles and rocks because they most often use their imagination in practical matters and are always open to new possibilities. Have you noticed how wild they get when they’re handed a camera to take shots of whatever impresses them during a short walk on the beach?

So, let’s be like kids and get some inspiration from beach rocks and pebbles for our daily living. Is it the case that you’ve never taken your children beach pebble collecting, or has it been ages since the last time you’ve gone beach combing with them? It’s time for you to take them to the beach on a nice, sunny day to get inspired together and tighten family bonds.

In this section you will learn how beach stones inspiration is connected to creativity and how you can teach children creative inspiration with beach stones.

You will also find ideas on how to get inspired by stones (mainly beach rocks and pebbles but a lot of what is said could be applied to river rocks too) not only to get your creative juices flowing but to teach children life skills, like problem-solving, as well.

Additionally, you will be given some helpful tips on what types of beach rocks may work best for inspiration flow for your art-making, your crafts, home decoration and writing activities.

If “written word” is what inspires you most, there are pages with inspirational quotes, some short stories about stones and short poems for children too.

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