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by Maria Chatzi

Beach stones photography decor items bring in the beach feeling; the sand and pebbles under your feet, the gentle sea breeze or the wild sea wind, the sound of the waves splashing on the shore, the hurdling song of rounded stones and pebbles rushing towards and away from the rocky beach, telling the stories of their travels.

Here are a few ideas of what to look for when taking snap shots of rocks and pebbles:

1. Rocks and pebbles that appeal to your senses, that make you relax, meditate, dream.

2. Beach pebbles, larger rocks, bolders that remind you of something or someone.

3. Pebbles and stones you like because of their color, texture, shape.

4. Beach rocks of an interesting grouping or formation.

5. Beach gem stones and other interesting mineral rocks

6. Beach stones that complement or contrast their natural surroundings.

Take as many snap shots as you like - from different angles is even better.

When you have them on your computer screen later on, pick the ones you like best to print on high quality paper (print these yourself on a home printer of supreme quality) or have some canvas prints made for you.

You could display your beach stone photos as framed artwork.

Some ideas on where to place these frames are: On the wall over the fireplace, on the wall over the dining table, in a row over doors, grouped together or lined in the hallway, as a centerpiece on dining or corner tables, grouped together over the sofa, over the bed (if there is no headboard, or even placed in a linear structure on the highest place of the headboard itself).

You could mix and match your frames or go for one color and one style.

Whatever you decide, make sure your framed beach stones photography decor suits the overall appearance of the room.

Another decoration idea is to have your photographs printed on other materials, like wood, plastic, plexi-glass, porcelain, or various fabrics.

For example, your beach rocks and pebbles photos could be printed on everyday household items, like mugs, decorative cushion covers, decorative boxes, calendars, journals, card holders, paper weights etc.

Place these items with your beach stones photos at a spot every visitor can see, like a wall mounted shelf, for example, with a pebbles and rocks theme.


  • When you create a decor grouping of your beach stones photographs, remember not to use too many of them, so as to avoid visual clutter. 
  • Even so, for beginners, it is advisable to prefer close up snap shots of pebbles and stones to keep it simple. 
  • An alternative solution is to use a photo-editing program to crop your photographs, so that background distractions and other surroundings are eliminated. Such programs are easy to use and safe for your photos, as you are given the choice to make and save a copy of the photo you’re working on or experimenting with (so that the original one is kept untouched).
  • All photos don’t work as prints of all and any sizes. Again, use a photo-editing program to experiment and see which photos look better in large sizes and which are more attractive in small sizes.
  • If your beach stones photography decor doesn’t look as great as it should look, consider changing the color of the room’s walls and fabrics to a paler, neutral palette.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with taking beach stones photographs and with decorating your home with them as well. No one is asking you to be perfect – all the fun lies in imperfection and learning.

You don’t have to be a photographer or an interior decorator to create a pleasant, personalized beach stones photography decor for any room you choose.

Just make sure your framed rocks and pebbles photographs, or other household items with beach stones photos printed on them, have found their right display place and are well arranged to produce an overall unifying effect.

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