Beach Stones Poetry Activities
                  for Kids

by Maria Chatzi

Beach stones poetry activities for kids have lots of benefits to offer. Playing with language helps kids become independent thinkers, sharpens their perception, cultivates their imagination and is great fun indeed.

Also, being creative with beach pebbles poetry activities reconnects children to nature – they learn to appreciate simple, beautiful things the environment offers us and discover ways to have a good time with frugal beach stones.

If you show them how cool it is to combine writing poetry with beach pebbles activities, they will come asking for more.

Here are some beach stones poetry activities elementary school kids will love.

Activity Nr. 1

Poetry rocks.

Use large, flat, smooth beach stones for this kids poetry activity.

Cut out words in bold type from magazines, advertising catalogues and brochures, discarded books, greeting cards, cerial and cookie boxes.

Glue them on the beach stones, 4 of them on each stone. These are your poetry rocks.

Have kids work in pairs. Give each pair a beach stone.

Tell them that the beach stone they’re looking at has made a long journey to finally reach them and that the words on it are “memories” of this journey.

Ask them to write a short poem (four lines) with these four words which tells us something about the poetry rock’s journey adventures.

Activity Nr. 2

Poetry pebbles.

This is a variation of the above activity.

Paint with vivid colors letters or glue fabric letters on small and smooth pebbles, one on each pebble.

Every kid gets two pebbles.

Ask them to make a list (on a piece of paper) of any words they can think of, which begin with each one of the letters on their beach pebbles.

Give them a time limit for this, let’s say two to three minutes.

When they’ve finished, they should choose any four words they like from their list and write a poem that contains these words.

Children write short poems (four lines) in pairs again.

Activity Nr. 3

“I am a beach rock/pebble”.

This is a kids poetry activity to do individually.

Tell them to imagine they are a rock/pebble on the beach.

Ask them to answer these questions and write down the answers on a piece of paper (One answer on each line):

What’s it like to be a beach stone?

How do you feel?

What makes you happy?

What makes you sad?

This would result in a free-verse like poem for our little beginners.

Four sentences are enough for low grades – if the kids are a little older, you could add more questions, which would of course result in a longer poem.

Examples of other questions are:

Who is your best friend?

What about your family?

What are you afraid of?

How do you feel about people?

What are you looking forward to? etc.

Activity Nr. 4 

Poetry activities that follow a craft activity.

You could first get their creative juices flowing with beach stone crafts - give them pebbles and rocks from the beach or river beds and have them make easy and quick pebble art on a large piece of cardboard or balsa wood (no need for it to be thick).

Then ask the kids to write a poem on this art they’ve created.

These crafts, accompanied by their poetry, could be given as gifts to friends or family or teachers on holidays like friendship day, valentine’s, mother’s day, father’s day, grandparents’ day, animal/pet day, Religious or National holidays, or on other occasions like Earth day, birthdays, graduation days, retirement etc.


  • If you need to do some “homework” yourself on teaching kids to write poetry, there is lots of help offline and online too – so, visit libraries and search the internet.
  • When doing an activity that combines art and language, like the poetry activity in the above picture, DO NOT correct the grammatical mistakes made in children's writing. 

The aim of such an activity is to cultivate their imagination and encourage creative thinking, so that they could make connections between creating art and producing written work related to this piece of art. Put teaching grammar and syntax aside, for another lesson.

  • Remember that kids will probably need a helping hand from you when it comes to editing their poetry. But do not correct every mistake they make if they are beginners in poetry writing - if you do, you may discourage some of them to continue writing poetry. 

Give them a chance to enjoy beach stones poetry activities as a creative process in their first steps. React positively to whatever work they produce and tell them only what you like about their poem.

  • Even if there’s no gift crafted to go with the poem, poetry written by children could be framed and given as a gift on holidays and occasions, as mentioned in 4 above.
  • Some poems could be performed. 

If this is the case with any of your kids poetry, seize the opportunity to have them act it out with your help and guidance.

When role playing follows poetry activities it is definitely an excellent healing and personal development choice you could make for school age children in any grade.

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