Beach Pebble String Bracelet

by Maria Chatzi

A beach stones string bracelet is made with beach pebbles and stone beads or other beach stones (cut, drilled and polished) and a variety of strings, embroidery floss, cords and yarn. It could be embellished with all sorts of materials from natural to manmade.

Depending on the type, width and thickness of strings and cords used, your beach stones string bracelet will be strong and sturdy or not. Also, the kind of strings determine the size of the knots made and stringing techniques and patterns determine the length your strings need to be cut in before starting your bracelet making project.

For this project, I’ve used three types of different strings: cotton and silk embroidery floss, cotton waxed string, flat cotton yarn (0,30 cm = 0,20 inches wide).

The following instructions are of little to moderate difficulty for those who have tried their hand on knotting but have little or no experience with jewelry pliers.

Read through the instructions first, because there are optional materials given, which I haven’t used in my string bracelet. If you want to use these optional materials, do not knot string your four beach stones.

Things you’ll need: (For a medium wrist size)

  • Scissors
  • 89 centimeters = 35 inches of flat cotton yarn
  • 102 centimeters = 40 inches of cotton waxed string
  • 102 centimeters = 40 inches of cotton and silk embroidery floss
  • 5-6 drilled beach stone pebbles (one of them is a button pebble with three holes in a row, another is a pebble with one hole in the center).
  • A piece of the same yarn or cotton ribbon to tie the bracelet on your wrist


  • 4 big or many more smaller jump rings
  • Pliers for the jump rings
  • Small charms
  • Mini jingle bells
  • Instant glue
  • A metal clasp

Some Tips

  • If you prefer your beach stones to be more dangling, you should use jump rings to hang them from your bracelet strings instead of knotting them which doesn’t allow them to move much.
  • For a beach stones string bracelet everyone will notice, use larger jump rings and hang little metal charms and mini jingle bells with the stones. Make the string bracelet first and then add your stones and charms with the jump rings. 

Of course, you can string or hang the charms and mini bells in the spaces left between the beach pebbles, instead of hanging them on the same jump ring. In this case, remember that you’ll need many more jump rings and probably smaller ones.

  • If you make a mistake or something goes wrong while stringing your beach stones or knotting your string bracelet do not hesitate to unknot, unstring, correct the pattern or bad stringing/knotting and then restring and reknot. Do not let such mistakes spoil your stone bracelet creation.

How to craft the beach stones string bracelet

Wrap the center of your strings once around a pencil, hold all the strings together and make a simple knot, as shown in the picture below. Remove the pencil and you’re left with a small loop.

Separate a flat yarn string and two waxed cotton strings from the rest of your strings and hold them in your hand. Leave 0,50 centimeters = about 0,20 inches space and make a simple tight knot.

Then thread one of your beach stones on the two waxed cotton strings and push it until it reaches the knot you’ve just made.

After that, tie another knot, the closest possible to the beach stone you’ve just strung (see picture below).

Leave another 0,50 centimeters = about 0,20 inches space and tie a simple knot with all of your strings and yarn.

Repeat this pattern till you’ve threaded your four pebble stones.

After the last knot you’ve tied with all of your strings and yarn, it’s time to finish the one end of your bracelet.

Separate your embroidery floss strings and knot them together in a distance of 0,50 centimeters = about 0,20 inches from the last knot you’ve made with all strings and yarn together.

Take your beachstone pebble with the three holes and string two of your embroidery threads through the first and last holes of the pebble.

Then knot the four strings together.

Once you’ve done this, take the waxed cotton strings and, in pairs, knot them as closest as possible to the last big knot you’ve made with all the strings and yarns together.

Cut off all excess string and yarn leaving a mini tassel, except the floss strings that make a longer tassel.

Look at the picture below to understand better what the finishing should look like.

This is the back side:

Your beach stones string bracelet is almost finished.

Now you need to connect your yarn or ribbon firmly to the bracelet, so as to make a securely fixed yarn or ribbon extension.

Slip your yarn or ribbon through the loop on one end of your beach pebbles string bracelet, pull the yarn strings or ribbon together till they are even at both ends.

Hold the two pieces of yarn or ribbon together. This is where you could add your sixth beach stone if you like.

Pull both yarn strings through the pebble’s hole and make a tight double knot over it or two successive knots, to secure it.

Only remember, the more charms, beads, beach pebbles you add to your string bracelet the heavier it gets.

Leave the rest of the yarn or ribbon as long as it is, to tie to the other end of your bracelet.

Your creative stone and string bracelet is ready. Enjoy wearing it or give it as a friendship gift to a friend who appreciates natural stones and artistic crafting.

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