List of Beach Stone Art Ideas
             for Children

by Maria Chatzi

Stuck for beach stone art ideas for children?

Here is a list of creative art project ideas with rocks and pebbles that all school age kids will enjoy.

Kids can work individually or in groups.

1. Beach rock door stopper     

This can be painted with non-toxic markers or paints.

The size and shape of the rock or beach pebble has to be such as to actually function as a door stopper.

What to paint on door stoppers?

Some ideas are: pets and other fantasy creatures or monsters, little houses, cars and buses, flowers, or even abstract art designs. 

Another idea is to embellish the beach rock door stopper with natural materials they can collect from a nature walk or bring back home from a day spent on the beach.

Such natural embellishments could be: sea shells, tiny pebbles, sea glass, seeds, sticks, tree bark.

They can also just paint their names on it, in bright colors.

2. Beach stone jewelry

This is a girls’ favorite, but boys enjoy making pebble jewelry too when they intend to give their creation, as a gift, to someone they care about, e.g. their mother, a close friend or a valentine. If you help young kids make the jewelry have them work with drilled craft pebbles and pick a tutorial for beginners, one that uses string and an easy technique (except if they’ve had jewelry-making classes before).

3. Miniature stone bridge or stone house built with pebbles

This is architecture art. It is not only fun to make but it also teaches kids some design and building skills.

When complete, the artwork can be placed in a mini garden pond, if it’s a bridge; a pebble stone bridge and a stone house built with pebbles can both be good additions to a fairy garden.

A little house built with beach pebbles will also look lovely on a fireplace mantel.

4. Land art with beach stones and pebbles.

This kind of art is usually made on sand or countryside ground.

However, you can turn it into a rainy-day-activity and do it on a balcony, a porch or a gazebo (so that kids will be under a roof but still outdoors), provided you have enough beach stones and pebbles, and of the right size, to complete the artwork.

The type of art kids will create could be a line-drawing, or a mosaic, or a sculpture.

Do an online search for land artists who work with rocks and pebbles and you will get more ideas.

5. Beach scenes made on canvas with pebbles

One of the easiest and most fun beach stone art ideas for children of all ages is to make beach scenes on canvas, with acrylic non-toxic paint, real sand and pebbles.

When you go to the beach, have children collect small pebbles which have interesting shapes, of various colors.

Before they start working on their project, show them some real canvas pebble art, either paintings or 3D wall art, made by artists and sold online.

Depending on the shape of the beach stones and pebbles they’ve collected, kids can turn them into beach huts, beach umbrellas, people and pets sitting, playing or running on the beach; they can also put some tiny pebble sailing boats in the sea.

6. Mosaics with beach pebbles

Other beachstone art ideas for children, which are fun for both girls and boys, are beach pebble mosaics.

These can be garden stepping stones, mini wall art hangings, flower pots decorated with pebble mosaic designs, pebble mosaic mirror and picture frames, to mention a few.  

If they find it difficult to fill all spaces left among pebbles used as mosaic chips, allow them to use their imagination and add other natural materials to their artwork, like various seeds or pinecone scales.

7. Decorative garden rocks

Children like to paint: flowers, animals, signs, abstract designs, fishes, birds, butterflies, ladybugs, cars, garden gnomes, fairies, scarecrows, fruits and vegetables, fantasy heroes, cartoons. You can use these painted garden rocks to create an artsy colorful border for a garden bed where they will cultivate flowers or vegetables themselves. You can build this garden bed in a back yard, or a balcony, or even on a large window sill – of course, in this case, you must help younger children pick beach pebbles of the right size to fit nicely in the small space available. You can also place them in flower pots. 

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