Pebble Button Bracelet Tutorial

by Maria Chatzi

If you love buttons and beach stones too, a beachstone button bracelet project is just what you need for the creative fun of it and to add a lovely, earthy piece to your accessories as well. So here’s a tutorial to inspire your creativity.

Things you’ll need: (For small to medium wrist size)

  • Suede cord 35mm long, color dark army green
  • Suede cord 17mm long, color dark brown
  • 2 round wooden beads, size medium, color bright green
  • One square or rectangular beachstone button with two holes, color shades of green. I’ve chosen a serpentine pebble stone.
  • One rounded beachstone pebble with one hole in the center, any color shade that matches the colors of your suede cords and your beachstone button will do. Mine is a grayish-beige marble stone.
  • Scissors
  • Instant glue (optional)


  • You may need to make adjustments to your beachstone button bracelet, like adding more beads, or charms or knots or even extending the length for a friend with a larger size wrist. If you are new to bracelet making and you’re not 100% sure of your design or the fit, cut longer pieces of suede cord.

How to craft the button bracelet

First, take both your suede cords and cut the ends with your scissors diagonally, so as to make them pointed. This will help with threading the stone buttons as well as your wooden beads easier, as the cord edge will be thinner to pass and pull through the holes.

Start from the middle of the army green cord and pass it through the holes of your square beachstone button.

Then turn this beachstone button to the other side (the back).

Place your brown suede cord on the green one (after you’ve first marked where the middle is).

Hold both cords (green and brown) together and make two tight knots over the holes of the beachstone button. This should keep the stone button fastened in its place. It should look like the picture shown below.

Next, take the brown cord ends and pull them through the holes of the round wooden beads, one bead on each side.

Once you’ve done this, hold both cords (green and brown) together again and make two tight knots, one on each side, to secure your beads.

To finish the ends of your button bracelet, pass the one end through the hole of your rounded beach stone pebble and make a knot. This beach pebble serves as a clasp.

Then, make a loop on the other end, big enough to pass the rounded pebble through. Suede cords of good quality hold knots secured in place.

But if you're not experienced in making such knots, and you feel that one or two knots need to be secured, use your instant glue. Be very careful, though, and thrifty with your glue because if you use more than just a bit it would make your suede cord too hard and scratchy for the wrist, which means it might ruin your work.

Cut off any excess cord on both ends. Your stone button bracelet is ready.

Tips and ideas

  • You can use this tutorial to start making beachstone button bracelets of varying styles. 

 Try different kinds of strings, threads, cords, beads, spacers, color combinations. Experiment with hanging or knotting some bracelet charms as well.

  • Also, embellishing with ribbons or lace results in more delicate designs.
  • Combining other natural materials with your beachstone buttons, like pieces of wood, copper or silver items, recycled pieces of wool or cotton fabrics makes an interesting art bracelet.

  • An important thing to keep in mind is that the larger the wrist size the more or the chunkier beach stone buttons and beads you could use.
  • But remember that using too many or big beachstone buttons and natural stones or too many or big metal beads will result in a very heavy bracelet. Wearable art craft creations should be comfortable to wear.
  • To get more ideas on pebble button bracelet making and get some inspiration for new designs look at lots of pictures of button bracelets and stone bracelets, learn new techniques and experiment with new materials.

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