Beachstone Ladybug Crafts
          Ideas and Tips

by Maria Chatzi

Ladybug crafts made with stones and pebbles from the beach are very popular, among kids and adults alike, especially in spring. However, most of us think of ladybug pebble crafts only as a practice of painting decorative rocks, which is what we can see pictures of when making a search on the internet for inspiration.

This is the reason I’ve compiled this list of tips and ideas for you, because you may not be aware of the bigger picture, the greater variety of ladybug crafts you can make. My purpose is to get you to think more creatively on what a pebble ladybug craft can be, to help you see the possibilities.

This list is mainly for beginners but if you’ve been crafting with beach pebbles and rocks for quite a while – perhaps you are a small handmade business owner, or a diyer living the frugal lifestyle - and are looking to take your craft further, the tips and ideas below may be helpful to you too.


1.    Size matters. Not all sizes of beach pebbles and rocks are fit for all kinds of ladybug crafts or the maker’s intentions.


Small pebbles

Small rounded pebbles are great for making hand painted ladybug pins. Use these pins to decorate your hats, tote bags, flip-flops and shoes. You can also use them to embellish hair accessories like head bands, hair combs and hair clips.  

Small, hand painted beach pebble ladybugs are ideal for upcycling, repurposing and redecorating a good number of home décor items, too. According to a cross-cultural belief, ladybugs around the house bring good luck to the homeowner or tenant. Such a creative project is a plain and boring flower pot remake into a flower pot decorated with pebble ladybugs to brighten up your porch or balcony.

If you top-drill the pebbles, or buy them top-drilled, you can make ladybug charms for your jewelry-making projects, or to hang on purses and backpacks. 

Another idea is to beautify a tote bag, and your clothes as well, using beach pebble buttons. Just paint a ladybug on each, and you’re ready to sew them on a whole lot of stuff in your closet like a sweater, a dress, a fabric purse, a leather handcuff, or even a pair of knitted baby shoes.


Medium pebbles (almost the size of your palm) 

Use medium sized beach pebbles, if you want to craft ladybug wall garlands or create a sculpture for a coffee table, like a piece of a natural tree branch decorated with ladybugs. 

This is also a good size to use for painting or carving lucky ladybug pocket pebbles. Add a short message on the back side of the pebble. Some examples are: “Be lucky+happy!”, “Best of luck!”, “Have extra luck today!” “Fingers crossed always!” etc. 

Other pebble ladybug crafts you can make are wind chimes and decorative stepping stones for your garden.

Although we have seen some fashion models wearing modern chunky necklaces made by stringing together medium sized slices of rocks, I do not recommend using beach pebble ladybugs to create a chunky necklace. The reason I say this is because heavy jewelry could look nice in a picture (if it is your style) but, in real life, wearability is very important.


Large pebbles (larger thant the size of your palm)

There a lot of ladybug craft ideas you can create with large pebbles too.

For outdoors, craft large ladybugs to place in a raised flower bed, a rock garden or at the edges of a garden path. You can also build them into a retaining wall.

For indoors, you can create door stoppers, paperweights and  decorative ladybugs to display on a stand, a shelf, or a window sill.     


2.    Combination is the key to having creative ideas for ladybug pebble crafts.

A craft project can belong to more than one categories, depending on how we choose to categorize it.

An Easter egg wreath, for example, is a wreath craft but it is also an Easter egg craft - it is a combination of what we recognize as Easter eggs + the concept of a wreath. 

So, why not make an extra-lucky and cheery beach pebble ladybug wreath? 

Following the same string of thought, you can make other ladybug crafts, like beach stone ladybug key rack hangers and stepping stones to decorate your garden.

Things to consider

·         Make sure the pebble or beach rock you will be using is not too heavy for your craft project.

A beachstone ladybug wreath can be ruined if it is not a well balanced structure due to the stone’s weight. There are times you can use a larger, heavier beach pebble, but it is not easy, nor safe, to make such a choice when you are a beginner. 

A stone ladybug pendant necklace, which you intend to gift to a friend to wear with her spring outfits, may also present an issue if the pebble is heavy -  it will often make the pendant flip over to its back side, especially if the necklace is long.

There are some tricks that will help you solve these problems, which most of us learn through experimentation and experience.

·         Keep in mind that a mosaic beachstone ladybug crafted for decoration outdoors needs different preparation, treatment and maintenance than a mosaic pebble ladybug craft that will decorate a wall indoors.

For example, you must use weather-resistant acrylic paint and varnishes on a mosaic stepping stone, which is not needed for a mosaic beach pebble ladybug mounted on canvas to decorate your entry hall wall.   

However, it is a good idea to use permanent, water-resistant paint and varnishes on both indoor and outdoor stone crafts so they would last longer. But this does not mean that if you apply watercolor paint and use the right varnish you won’t get a durable hand painted piece of wall art for indoor decoration. 


3.    Don’t be afraid to create bold and unconventional beach stone ladybug crafts. 

You can create something unique and crazy, never before seen. A simple way to find new inspiration is to ask yourself: “What would a beach stone ladybug …….. look like? 

So, try to imagine: 

“What would a pebble ladybug cairn, or a beachstone ladybug river, in my garden look like? Would it give my guests a pleasant surprise and a smile? Would my neighbors stare at it and want to copy my idea? Would it make everyone want to take pictures of it?” 

If it’s the first time you will be taking bold steps as a crafter, either because you are a beginner or because you haven’t attempted such a creative stretch before don’t worry. Know that it doesn’t really matter how successful your attempt will be – you will be doing this because the challenge will take you to new places of experimentation and give you new and interesting ideas for your crafts.

Here are 2 bold projects to play with

Project Nr. 1

If you enjoy painting ladybug projects, pick a pebble that does not have a round or oval shape – any other shape is fine. Also, avoid painting conventional, round ladybugs on the beach rocks or pebbles you’ve chosen. This will force your imagination to go wild and create unique stone ladybugs. They could look like robots or fantasy art creatures. 

Project Nr. 2

Now, let’s forget all about painting. You are going to make a mixed media ladybug collage on a large beach pebble to use as a doorstopper. 

Gather some fabric scraps, threads, raffia, lace, beads, paper scraps and other small things, found inside or outside the house, to be used as your crafting materials and embellishments. Of course, you won’t use all of the things you’ll gather.   

Your design has to be an Abstract style ladybug, not a realistic style. 

You can glue, sew or tie the materials on the beach stone. 

Start by sketching your design on a piece of paper to get an idea of what it may look like and see if you are satisfied with it or need to make some changes. If you find sketching and drawing intimidating, or enjoy being more intuitive with your crafts and art, lay out on your beach stone whatever you would like to use for your craft project and move things around until you get an inspired idea for your design.


Hopefully, I’ve given you a new perspective. Use the ideas in this list and apply what you’ve learned from my tips. It will take some time, practice and creative courage but I promise they will help you move yourself to the next level as a crafter.

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