Beachstone Ladybug Crafts
          Ideas and Tips

In Spring, beachstone ladybug crafts are fun for both adults and kids, as these cute little insects are welcome by all, either inhabiting our garden or walking in our yards and porches. Pebble ladybug crafts are one of the best ten beach stones kids painting crafts any season. Ladybugs represent good luck, good weather, happiness, love, cure from sickness. They could be red, pink, yellow or orange, always with black spots.

Following is a list of twelve ideas of different kinds of ladybug crafts you can make with beach pebbles and larger beach rocks.

1. Painted beachstone ladybug paper weight
2. Garden stepping stones, decorated with beach pebble lady bugs
3. Ladybug jewelry made with smooth beach pebbles
4. Ladybug shaped wooden wall clock (glue beach pebble lady bugs in place of clock numbers)
5. Ladybug mosaic wall art, created with small sized beach pebbles
6. Large decorative ladybug beach rock for your rock garden (use the decoupage technique and a high quality sealer to protect your artwork from weather conditions)
7. Huge flower pot remake (paint it green and decorate the rim, or sides, with colorful beach stones and small pebble ladybugs)
8. Decorative lady bug beach pebble buttons to sew on your clothes and totes

9. Flat, thin and smooth beach pebble ladybug fridge magnet
10. Ladybug book ends (these are big, smooth, painted beach rocks)
11. Beach pebble ladybug key-ring charm
12. Crocheted ladybug beach stone, used for coffee-table decoration


If you intend to work with beach pebbles to make your ladybugs, use smooth and oval shaped small or medium sized pebbles. If you want to craft a decorative garden ladybug rock, chose either a rounded, rather flat, big beach rock or a large oval shaped beach rock with a surface as smooth as possible. Let craft paint dry completely before applying another color or before gluing other decorative craft materials onto your beachstone ladybugs designs. Also, let your painted beach pebble ladybugs dry completely before gluing them onto other surfaces (e.g. wood). Use a good quality craft glue and good quality craft paints, for a creation that would last. And, as with all craft making, you are advised to gather your materials first, before you start creating your ladybug crafts. Mixing materials that at first glance seem to be a bad match (like silk and raffia, for example) for the embellishment of your ladybug crafts creations, may result in unique artwork. Look at online pictures of ladybug crafts with all types of materials, study various crafting techniques and apply any of your acquired knowledge to your beachstone ladybugs crafts. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

To avoid big mistakes, lay out your embellishing materials (as in your pattern) on the painted pebble stones or beach rocks before gluing them onto your beach stones. If you like the way it looks, go ahead and create your beachstone ladybug. If not, rearrange them and try a different pattern till you are satisfied. But if you do make a mistake and glue an embellishment in the wrong place, don’t ruin your work by trying to unglue it - continue your crafting as if the “mistake” was not a mistake but part of your intended design. Great artists throughout the centuries have built masterpieces on their mistakes.

Use the above beachstone ladybug crafts ideas to decorate your home, to create lovely and artful things to sell, or to give as keepsake presents to friends, family, teachers. You can even offer them as unique handmade “thank you” gifts. Some of these beach stones ladybug crafts (like: Beach pebbles ladybug jewelry and Beach pebble ladybug fridge magnets) are also ideal to make and give as party favors.

Be creative with your materials and have fun!

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