Crafting Decorative Wreaths
        with Beach Stones

Crafting decorative wreaths with beach stones is an artful, engaging activity everyone who adores nature and natural materials should experience. Once you learn the basics of wreath-making, you can come up with all sorts of designs and find various uses for your beautiful beach stone wreaths.

Many people prefer a plain beach stone wreath with no other decorative items on it than medium and smaller stone pebbles and perhaps a ribbon or an unelaborate bow.

If you would like to go for something fancier, though, there are lots of ways to decorate the spaces left empty of stones in a beach stone wreath. One idea is to use recycled materials, from things lying around the house and which could be offered a second, upcycled life, instead of collecting dust and ending in your garbage can. Such materials could be anything from old fabrics, greeting cards and ribbons to buttons, demo CDs and bottle caps. Another idea is to use only natural and earth friendly materials, like wood, driftwood, paper, cotton fabrics, cotton strings, cotton ribbons and lace, felt, sea shells, metal scraps, glass, sea glass, gemstones and natural beads.

To attach your additional addornments to your beachstone wreaths you could use hot glue, instant glue, wire, fibres , pins and pegs.

When designing your decorative wreath do not limit yourself to what’s traditional – use your imagination to create a fresh, original artwork wreath. Offline or online, you could find ready made wreath bases (foam, wire, grass, vine). Also have a look at other people’s wreath designs in the offline market or in craft and décor magazines, or do an online search to get inspired and get some ideas . If you have an idea for a different , out of the box wreath base, why not try it? Be innovative, don’t copy, be you and create authentic pieces.

Important to Remember

1. The beach pebbles and beach rocks you use for your stone wreath should be small to medium size for a medium or large wreath, which is intended for home decoration. You could use a bigger stone as a focal point in your design but always remember that rocks and beach pebbles are heavy – too many of them or too large ones could result in such a heavy wreath that may not be functional for interior decoration. Heavier wreaths could find their place in the yard or the garden. But, of course, it all depends on your taste. If your inspiration muse tells you that a wreath made with a good number of rather big beach rocks is the signature piece you must make, then go ahead, make your bold and unique artistic statement. Just keep in mind that considerably heavier decorative wreaths need a stronger, more solid base that could carry their weight (like wood, industrial metal or hard industrial wire) – no foam, no straw, no light-weight and easy-bend craft wire.

2. A good alternative to using large stone pebbles , in case you’re planning to make a really big and impressive wreath, is to use only very few flat and light-weight large pebbles and choose a good number of bigger pumice rocks to finish your decorative wreath design.

Decorative wreaths with beach rocks and stone pebbles are an excellent choice for a gift and home décor. You could make them personalized and especially meaningful by incorporating your vacation beach finds in the design as well.

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