Super Easy Craft Ideas
      with Beach Stones

Are you looking for super easy craft ideas? These 4 beach stones crafts are super easy and enjoyable to make. Make them for yourself or give them as gifts to friends and family. Such easy craft ideas are also top choice for frugal party favors you want to make yourself.

1.Beach Stone Ring

Women are always in search of eye-catching and unique stone jewelry with a feminine and earthy feel. Making simple rings with natural stones isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s one of the easy stone crafts which you can experiment with if you’re a beginner in jewelry making. Buy a ready made adjustable ring base that either has loops or mesh or is flat on top. Glue a beach stone (with a flat back surface) on it (of your preferred shape, size and color) or use jewelry tools, craft wire, and jump rings to attach your smaller beach stone beads and gems to the loops or mesh. Add tiny buttons, other unusual handmade beads, ribbons and fibres, or small beach finds for a personalized design.

2.Initial Wall Art

Initial wall art and other simple decorative art with beach stones are also easy craft ideas to express yourself artistically with. Buy a ready made wooden wall art frame. Pick the initial you’re going to make with beach stones. Choose the beach stones and pebbles you’re using. Letters with straight lines (like the letter “E” in the photo below) are easier to make and short or long “finger stones” are a good choice for such letter art. For curves, you’ll find it easier to use small rounded pebbles (other shapes could be used too if you have the patience to swift them around a bit to make sure they have the right fit in your design). Remember that before gluing the stones and small pebbles onto the base of your wall art frame you should clean them well and use a pencil to make a simple line drawing of the letter. Then place your pebbles on this line drawing to check how the arrangement would look. You can also make a beach stones mosaic letter with very small beach pebbles.

3.Evil Eye Key Ring

Craft an evil eye amulet and carry it with you to protect you from dark forces. Choose a beach pebble with a smooth surface and a round shape. It should have a hole drilled on top, where you’re hanging it from to your metal key ring. Draw an eye on the stone pebble. Use craft colors to paint your eye – blues are the most commonly used ones, as it is believed in lots of cultures that blue eyes staring at you bring you bad luck (although the blue-eyed person may be good and virtuous). After the paint has dried, hang your evil-eye with a piece of string from the key ring. Decorate the top of your string with two small hand-made beads and craft ribbon. Your beach stone key ring is ready.

4.Decorated Candle

Buy a plain decorative candle that is a good match to the colors of the room you’re placing it in as a décor item. You can start with a votive candle (without a candle ring) that’s easier to handle because of its small size. Or you could upcycle a plain candle you already have at home decorating it with beach stones. Decide on the pattern first and the kind of beach stones you’re going to use. Ordinary beach stones with a smooth surface and a greyish or white color would look as great as colorful ones or small beach rocks with a rough appearance. It all depends on your taste or the taste of the person who’s receiving it, if you’re giving it as a present. You could choose an unusually shaped beach stone as a focal feature of your decorated candle, or make an abstract drawing on a larger and flat pebble stone placed in the center of your design.

The above easy craft ideas will give great results even if you have not crafted anything with beach stones and pebbles before. Also, these beach stone crafts ideas are fun summer activities for you to do with school age kids. You could pick one or two easy stone crafts for a summer birthday party activity. So, go ahead and try them – with a little imagination, you’ll get results to be proud of.

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