Handmade Pebble Wreath Tutorial

by Maria Chatzi

A handmade wreath with beach stone pebbles made by you is always a conversation piece that adds your personal touch to your home design.

It also makes one of the best gift choices for someone you care enough to put your time to this project and work with your heart on it.

Following are instructions to create a beautiful and unique handmade wreath which you could also exhibit proudly in your home as a valentine holiday décor item.

This tutorial is of medium difficulty – you must have some basic knowledge on stringing beads, making knots and generally crafting with strings. If you’re not buying the wire wreath base and you want to make it yourself you should have some experience working with tools for copper wire.

This is not a kids craft project.

Read the instructions first to get a general idea of how it’s made and then proceed with crafting the actual beach stone wreath.

Things you’ll need:

  • A ready made copper wire wreath base or copper wire to make the base yourself. If you’re making it yourself, you need 2-3 meters copper wire for the wreath base and 50cm copper wire to wrap the circles made with your thick wire tightly at the top center of your wire wreath base (where your handmade wreath will be hung from.
  • Tools for working with copper wire
  • A small rectangular piece of Corrugated Fiberboard (this is light-weight sandwiched cardboard used for packaging - light brown color
  • Craft ribbon (light blue color)
  • Craft cotton string 2,50 meters long (white or sand color or any other pale color that matches your wreath design)
  • 4 beach pebbles (size small to medium, gray and white colors, 1mm-1,5mm thin and as light-weight as possible). They should be of the right size and shape to make a mosaic heart the size you need it to be for your wreath.
  • 2 semi-precious nugget stone beads (mine are dyed blue agate and natural turquoise beads)
  • Waxed cotton string 30 cm long (blue color) to string your beads and attach your heart to the wire wreath base
  • 4 small beach stone buttons with two holes each
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Two level spoons of sand

Steps to craft the wreath:

1. Make the wire wreath base or buy it ready made online or offline.

2. Make a heart outline drawing with your pencil on your corrugated fiberboard piece. Cut out this heart. Now make a rough arrangement of your pebble stones to make sure that, if properly placed, they make a heart pebble mosaic design before actually gluing them onto your heart-shaped cardboard.

3. Open a small hole somewhere close to the top and center of your corrugated fiberboard heart. This is where your passing your waxed cotton string from, onto which you’re going to thread your semi-precious beads. You should secure them in place by making simple knots before and after threading the gem stone beads.

4. Once you’ve threaded and secured your beads, tie (several times) the rest of the waxed string around the top and center of your wire wreath base, where you’re going to hang your handmade wreath from. Finish with a double knot.

5. Turn your wreath to the back side and fasten it onto the swirl end of your wire wreath base. This is done by passing a piece of ribbon under and through the waxed string (which you’ve passed through the heart’s hole and strung the beads on) and then wrapping your ribbon around the wire swirl. You need to draw together the wire end and the cardboard heart by pulling both ends of your ribbon piece.

6. After that, make a tight double knot with the ribbon. See picture below. Put some glue on the knotted ribbon to secure the knot. You must do this because when you glue your beach pebbles onto your heart design it would get heavy and needs to be kept in place. If you skip this step, you’re project won’t be as steady and as balanced as it should be.

7. When you’re through with this, glue the pebbles onto your heart design and let the glue dry very well, so they won’t fall off. When they’ve dried, add some more glue in the empty spaces between the pebbles and sprinkle with sand. Again let the glue dry completely.

8. Tie some string on top to hang your wreath from and continue with decorating the bottom of the wreath with the beach stone buttons.

9. Hang your handmade wreath on a wreath hanger or on a nail on the wall, to check its balance. Because of the beach stones it may not balance well. You should correct this by adding your beach stone buttons in the right place on your wire wreath base.

10. After you’ve decided where your stone buttons should be placed, cut a piece of cotton string 80cm long and fold it in half. Tie the center onto your wreath base, making a double knot. Now it looks as though you have two strings to work with.

11. String your beach stone buttons through one of these strings, leaving almost no spaces between buttons. Then take the other string and wrap it tightly around the first string and the wire base in the minimal spaces between the stone buttons.

12. After the last stone button, tie the two strings together in a tight simple knot and make a small bow. Check how your wreath balances once more. If needed, correct the balance by pushing the stone beads and the strings towards the desired direction and by correcting the form of the wire wreath base with your hands. When your’re finished, put some glue on the bow’s knot to secure it. Let it dry completely.

13. After that, cut another piece of cotton string 1,25 meters long and continue wrapping it around your wire base to a bigger length than that of your strung beach stones. Once you’ve wrapped almost all your string on your wire, make a double knot on the back side of your beach stones wreath and cut off excess string. Secure with glue. Check the balance one last time.

14. Cut a piece of ribbon 1 meter long and make a bow. Attach it on the top center of your beach stone heart wreath. Your handmade wreath is ready.

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