Home Decor Wall Art with      
   Beach Stones and Pebbles

If you need some ideas to create home decor wall art you’ve come to the right place. Nowadays, 3 D wall art is very popular. Home decor wall art with beach stones is appealing and attractive. It looks great in any room and serves most decorating styles – a lot depends on the type of beach stones used and color combos.

IMPORTANT Note: Use special glue for stones to make sure your beach stones decor and rock pebbles won’t fall off your wall and that your art piece would last.

Here are some ideas to choose from:

1. Make a mosaic or a mural with beach pebbles of different shapes, textures and sizes. Draw the outline of your design, first, in pencil and make sure you erase or cover the lines afterwards with your wall art. Glue the stones on the surface of your wall, which you must clean before applying glue. Your beach pebbles must have a flat back. You could also buy slabs of large beach stones (there are some striking gems among them) or cut them yourself. It is a good idea to choose a theme before you start. If you’re a beginner keep the design small and simple.

2. Another idea is to make abstract wall art within a painted background which acts as a frame for your design. Draw a geometrical shape on the wall, using a pencil. Paint it in a color of the same palette or a contrasting one to the color of your walls. After the paint has dried, make an abstract art design by gluing beach stones and pebbles within the boundaries of this shape (make sure your pencil lines don’t show when your artwork is finished). It is best if your abstract home decor wall art has a special message to convey or serves your room’s theme.

3. An oversized frame made with beach pebbles glued onto your wall is another creative beach stones wall decor idea you can try. Once your beach stones oversized wall frame is ready, you can place some of your framed collections in it to show them off. Some ideas of collections to be exhibited are: Beach finds, summer crafts, jewelry, vacation photos etc. Or, you could write messages and poems within your oversized beach pebble wall art frame, using a waterproof, permanent marker.

4. Drawing alphabet letters or numbers on your wall, using a paper stencil made by you, is an easy and cool interior decoration idea. Initials and numbers wall art can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Make these letters and numbers large and wide enough so as to fill them in with matt, semi-polished or polished beach pebbles with a flat back.

5. Craft a group of three or four beach stones themed framed artwork and hang them together on your wall using wire or string or craft ribbons.

Tips for your home decor wall art:

1. Remember that your home decor artwork should appeal to you first of all and be in harmony with your lifestyle and do not worry if it does not satisfy the personal preferences of some or even most people.

2. A beach stones decor art piece could look equally attractive framed or not, grouped with other decorative items of similar or different style or standing out on its own. Lighting would add to any beachstone art or craft display standing out on its own.

3. Start a collection of various types of beach stones and natural stone pebbles, beach finds and other eco stuff, which will prove to be a real treasure for crafting your home decor wall art.

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