How to get inspired
  by Beach Stones and Pebbles

by Maria Chatzi

Are you on the lookout for ideas on how to get inspired by beach stones because you visit the beach quite often and the sight of pebbles makes you always think that you should be doing something with them?

Are you a crafter or hobbyist decorator? Are you new to making art for a living?

Is writing poetry or short stories your passion?

There is an abundancy of inspiration sources on beaches, especially rocky and pebbly ones.


Following are ten ways to find inspiration in beach rocks and pebbles.

1. Lie down on beach pebbles and feel them under your body. If you were to craft or write a poem about this experience what materials or what words would you use? Keep notes in your notepad.

2. Close your eyes and listen to the rumbling sound of beach rocks rushed ashore by the waves. What letters of the alphabet would you choose to describe the “feeling” of the sound. What colors would you use? Keep this in mind when you want to craft some Letter Art.

3. Collect a handful of smooth, rounded pebbles and smell them. Wet them and place them under your bare feet - feel them. What do they remind you of?

4. Make some cairns around you and sit in the middle of the circle you’ve built – pretend you must stay there for the whole week. Keep notes of your thoughts while sitting there.

5. Make a line-drawing on the sand and then make some land art by decorating your line drawing with pebbles. Write down other crafts and art ideas this beach stones art could inspire you for.

7. Take some photos of the waves crashing on boulders. Observe the shape of the boulders due to their fight with the waves through the ages. Write down some verbs and adjectives that come to your mind. Keep notes of your thoughts.

8. Go on a scavenger hunt and find the three weirdest or funniest looking stones on the beach. Think of new projects to do with each stone, or a fresh project on which you’ll use all three of them.

9. Try looking at beach rocks from different angles - either place the stone differently (so as to be able to see it from another side) or change your observing position (for example, if you’re sitting stand up). This way you’ll get an entirely new perspective.

10. Collect six unusual beach stones, observe them carefully. What’s most interesting about them? Texture, shape, some striking detail? What colors would you match with each one of them? Keep notes. Then make a piece of art that would include most or all these elements.

Remember to:

a. Always have a notebook with you and keep detailed notes on what you feel, what you think, new ideas that strike you, questions that come up for further investigation, words and/or phrases (or sayings or book titles) that come to your mind and ideas for future projects.

b. Carry a camera, for a few snapshots.

c. Use all your senses to find inspiration on the beach.

d. NEVER visit the beach with stormy weather. ALWAYS make sure the place is safe and that you are not exposed to radioactive rocks. NEVER expose yourself to any sort of danger.

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