Important Life Lessons from  
   Beach Rocks and Pebbles

by Maria Chatzi

Do you love walking along rocky beaches looking for creative inspiration or beach combing after a storm’s over? If yes, some important life lessons from beach stones, rocks and pebbles are right there, in front of your eyes and next to your feet. All you have to do is look closely and listen carefully, with your heart’s eyes and ears. 

Beach stones inspire life skills learning, which is absolutely essential for a stress free and successful life. Beach rocks and beach pebbles talk to us – and they talk loudly and wisely.

Below is a list of some important life lessons beach rocks and pebbles are teaching us.

Lesson Nr. 1

Be a “soft beach stone”, be the least possible resistant to change. Do not be afraid of change and the unpredictable - embrace it. Change often leads to miraculous new worlds.

Allow time and life experience to shape your thoughts and beliefs. Let difficulties shape a different and better you, like those rocks that surrender to the forming power of the waves.

Remember that we aren’t always in control of what comes in our life, and what’s waiting ahead, if we allow it to unfold, may be far better than we could ever have imagine.

Lesson Nr. 2

Don’t judge people (or a situation you may find yourself in) superficially, only by their present appearance.

Things really aren’t always what they seem to be. A person may prove to be a treasured friend, once you get to know him/her well. A seemingly bad and difficult to cope with situation may prove to be a great opportunity for your personal, family or business life – just like a rough beach gem whose worth is concealed under an uninteresting and dull appearance.

Lesson Nr. 3

When you’re on a rocky beach, take a good look at rocks, boulders and pebbles as they’re lying around.

The most intriguing ones are those that are different from all the rest, the unusual ones. Unusual rocks and pebbles often draw us as magnets. These are the ones we’ll most probably take photos of. And if they fit in our pocket, these are the ones we’ll take away with us as a souvenir.

However, all of them together, special in some way or not, make breathtaking views.

Rocks that don’t look inspiring enough from one viewing angle make memorable pictures of serenity and inspiration when seen from a different angle.

Also, beach stones that don’t look inspiring enough on their own may look awesome in the company of other neighboring rocks and stones. Their presence on the beach makes greater sense if seen as part of a larger whole. 

Lesson Nr. 4

The wonder of this world we’re living in lies in diversity, just like the beauty of a pebbly beach lies in the variety of the color, texture and shape of its rocks and pebbles.

Stand out from the crowd and celebrate your uniqueness – this is probably something you’ve been hearing a lot, but it can never be stressed enough.

This does not mean you should turn selfish or leave yourself in isolation. Be yourself the free, independent spirit you envision for your fellow humans. Keep your actions in alliance with your beliefs and values. But join other like-minded individuals to create amazing results that would be remembered for a lifetime.

Lesson Nr. 5

Look at things from various angles – change your viewing angle and change your attitude towards everyday problems and the difficulties you’re facing in your life. Perhaps from a different viewpoint you could see the brighter side of a situation.

Also, keep in mind that everyone you meet may have something valuable to add to your self-quest, due to their different viewing angle. However small this contribution may seem at first, it is a gift to be appreciated - as it is part of the road you are taking towards your success and fulfillment.

So, don’t turn away from anyone who wants to offer a helping hand when you need one. This person may be a “kindred spirit” - one more “tree” in the “woods” you’re dreaming of or just like a “one-of-a-kind pebble” in your precious collection.

Next time you find yourself on a rocky or pebbly beach look and listen – for the important life lessons nature’s wisdom is teaching you. They are numerous. Keep a journal, where you’ll be noting down all important life lessons from beach stones and pebbles. Rest assured that this journal will be a valuable road companion and guide in your journey.

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