Ideas for Outdoor Decoration with      Beach Stones and Pebbles 

by Maria Chatzi

Outdoor beach stone decorative items add character and enhance the beauty of your porch, yard, balcony and garden. So, if you’re considering a unique makeover, with an earth-friendly look, decorating your outdoor environment with beach stones and pebble accessories is definitely what you need.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to handcraft them, make sure you display them in the right place, an outdoor spot where they can easily catch your visitors’ eyes.

Following is a list of 23 ideas for outdoor decoration with beach rocks and pebbles.

1.  Wind chimes, made with beach stones, 3-4 tiny bells for crafts, and upcycled wine bottle glass shards

2.  Large painted stones and beach rocks (the larger the better) scattered in your yard or garden, mounted on a stone wall, or decorating the sides of porch steps

3.  Beach stones as soil fillers in flower beds and flower pots – these can be an assortment of various colors, shapes and sizes, but if you choose one-color pebbles, well-rounded ones, and of a particular size they could also look great. It depends on the result you’re aiming at.

4.  An insect hotel built with beach pebbles and rocks of various sizes and shapes; a combination of driftwood and pebbles is also a good choice

5.  Upcycled garden, yard or patio lights; these are large glass containers (eg. could be a small  to medium size aquarium) with a base made of, or decorated with, rocks or pebbles

6.  Pebble mosaic stepping stones in the shape of a leaf, a butterfly, or a bird, to enhance a garden path

7.  A small zen garden with sand, beach rocks and pebbles, to remind you of the importance of balance, harmony and peace in your everyday life

8.  Decorative pillows for your patio or gazebo, with beach pebble buttons and other pebble designs

9.  Viewing stones picked from the beach and displayed on a stone bench, on a display stand, in a flower bed, or other garden spot

10. Planters with a decorative design made with pebbles (these pebbles may be hand painted or otherwise embellished) which you must seal with varnish, to protect colors and other materials used from rain and dirt

11. Beach pebble placemats for your outdoor kitchen table – make them match your outdoor kitchen décor, your table décor, your flooring, or even your natural surroundings

12. Beach pebble door mats for outside your front and your back door

13. A pebble lamp, for your patio’s corner table, using stacked pebbles to form its base; you can create a more unique design if you also stack some driftwood between the pebbles

14. A pebble river running through your garden, with a small wooden or metal bridge over it and a couple of painted fish rocks “swimming” here and there

15. Balance stone sculptures created with large beach stones - they look even more gorgeous installed near a fountain

16. Garden totems made with beach stones, painted or untreated, of various shapes and sizes – these totems are stacked rocks forming a tall structure, which may also have a metal, wooden or stone base

17. Pebble centerpieces for your porch table or outdoor kitchen table

18. Beach pebble and pumice stone wreaths for your porch, for outside your home’s front door, or for your garden gate door

19. Wall hangings could be functional outdoor décor accessories, like pebble decorated garden clocks, or only serve a decorative purpose, like garden creatures crafted with beach rocks

20. A small decorative beach pebble labyrinth in your garden or back yard is a nice addition to a meditation spot; paint inspirational and motivational words on all the pebbles 

21. A glamorous bird bath decorated with colorful and polished beach agates and sea glass

22. Fairy garden or gnome village made with beach rocks, river rocks and pebbles of various sizes

23. And finally, an eye-catching outdoor décor item is a corner table for your porch with a resin pebble top – you can find free tutorials online.


  • If you intend to try some of the ideas and create outdoor beach stone décor accessories from the above list, make sure you use the best colors for artists, high quality glues and protective sprays.
  • Your work should be temperature, humidity, wind and water resistant, so as to have the longest life possible.
  • You should also consider other things like how easily you can find the materials you need in the market, how easy it is to install things (like pipes in rock fountains, or beach stones in a garden path), how your art craft will suit your outdoor style in general.

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