Summer Kids Activities
        with Beach Stones

Summer kids activities with beach stones are cheap and keep kids’ complaints about boredom away. All children are naturally curious and enthusiastic about learning through play with beach stones. Summer should be fun and relaxing for kids but it is also an opportunity for connecting with nature, acquiring new learning and new skills (away from the school syllabus). Additionally, it is a chance for children to socialize, make new friends and improve relationships with old friends and family.

Summer kids activities with beach rocks and pebbles could be either indoor activities (for working at home/stay at home moms and in case, of course, there is no garden/yard available) or outdoor (garden/yard activities and beach/countryside activities). Art projects and crafts, especially beach crafts for kids, using smooth pebbles and larger beach stones, are among the most favorite ones.

CAUTION: Even if the activities are easy for kids, the materials (and techniques) used are safe and the place looks safe, children should never be left unattended.

So, here are some fun creative summer activities for kids(younger school age) to do with their friends and parents and/or teachers.


1. Collect beach stones or riverstones, depending on whether you live near the beach or a river bed. You could also hunt some interestingly shaped rocks in your back yard or garden and turn them into kids’ artwork. Or it could be the beginning of an interesting rocks and pebbles collection.

2. Show children how to make beach art with beach stones and pebbles, either at the beach or in a large sand box in your yard. They’ll love using pebbles to make drawing on the sand and, once they find it easy to stack flat stones, they’ll catch on quickly on making beach stone sculptures. Land art with pebbles could also be made in the countryside, your back yard, in a neighborhood park, or the school yard, even in their own room without any sand at all.

3. Get your kids a cheap camera and let them take shots of beach stones, river stones, pebbles and boulders and other sorts of rocks in the countryside. Then have them choose the ones they like best and make wall art with them to decorate their rooms.

4. Help children make a small rock pond in your garden or back yard, filled with beach pebbles or river pebbles instead of water. Then get some flat beach pebbles and ask them to paint a fish on each one of them. Have them put the rock fish in the pond. They could also make some rock frogs and rock daffodils for the pebble pond.


1. Announce you’re having a “Funniest monster-face” contest. Give each child a smooth round pebble and ask them to draw a monster face on it. Hand them a box of craft supplies (like laces, buttons, ribbons, threads, beads, glue, scraps of craft paper, eco craft colors and paint brushes. Tell them they can embellish their monster-faces as they like. When they’ve finished, ask them to vote. The “funniest” monster face, that got the most votes, wins a prize e.g. a sticker or a pencil. But you should praise all kids for their craft. Taking a photo of all monster-faces grouped together, for the children to display in their rooms, is even better. Show appreciation of their efforts and the time they’ve invested.

2. Plan some beach stone craft projects. Place a plastic container full of pebbles on the floor – they should be of different shapes and sizes (not larger than the kid’s palm, so they won’t be too heavy) and should all have a smooth surface. Children easily get excited about crafting friendship gifts, like: pebbles stone key rings, beach stone jewelry, fridge magnets, bugs and other small decorative items. This is a good opportunity to teach kids the real meaning of gift-giving. Another activity that will get them creatively busy is making greeting cards with photos of beach rocks.

3. Get some pieces of cardboard and help children draw a version of one of the old board games: Bingo, Tic-Tac or Checkers. Set the rules and the winner’s prize. Use especially painted or decorated (by the kids themselves) beach pebbles to play the game.

4. Give each child a flat beach stone (as large as their palm), some craft paint and a paint brush. Ask them to draw the portrait of their best friend on the surface of the rock. Then ask them to turn the rock on the other side and have them think a reason they love their friend for – they might need help with this if they are very young. Have them write it on the back side of the stone, beginning: e.g. “You make me laugh”- keep it short. Ask them to write their name too. They could give the stone to this best friend as an appreciation gift on friendhip day or as a handcrafted, artful birthday gift.


Kids are thrilled if you announce the activity a day or some hours ahead – it builds up anticipation. But be careful: You should have planned summer kids activities carefully, before announcing them - as young kids would be impatient to start when the time comes – otherwise you will disappoint them and risk losing the children's interest in your other summer kids activities.

All the above summer kids activities keep children active while improving their self-esteem at the same time. Such creative beach stone activities also make happy memories carried in one’s heart for a lifetime.

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